Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Without My Kids

Without my kids my house would be clean (or at least cleaner than it is).
There would be peace and quiet and no SpongeBob marathons.
I'd need to set an alarm clock again and wear makeup more than once or twice a week.
No one (except maybe Hubby) would expect their meals to be made, 
their laundry to done, 
and butts to be wiped!

Without my kids I'd have time to workout more, 
read more books
and spend time w/ friends.
I'd get to listen to the radio in the car and not have to explain death every time we pass a cemetery! 
Shopping would be enjoyable again and there would be no reason to buy fruit snacks.


I thought this was cute and oh so true!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Comments From the Backseat

We went on our monthly grocery run yesterday. Let's be honest, shopping with kids SUCKS!!! The Easter Bunny was attempting to do some last minute shopping... pretty sure I about blew his cover numerous times w/ the help of Daddy but he managed to grab a few things. After a somewhat drama free day we were on our way back to the homestead when Max had had enough of the car riding. 

When Max was really little (and spent most of every trip in the car in a blood curdling scream), I'd crawl in the backseat w/ him while Daddy was driving, it's been awhile since that was required... thank God! But after two days in a row of road tripping more than 10 miles down the road, Max had had enough! In an effort to keep the last 30 minutes of our drive home somewhat quiet we pulled off the side of the road, grabbed a box of Cheese It's from the trunk and took off... that quieted things down for about 5 minutes.  

After the snack idea failed we decided it'd be in everyone's best interest for me to crawl to the back. But just as I was getting ready to break the law, Max grew silent. Jaxon on the other hand did not! So I did as I normally do, avoid eye contact w/ Max in the rear view while making small talk w/ his older brother. So what if the only thing that came to mind at the time was, "Look Bubba, a cemetery!"

Jaxon: "Wow Mom, there's a lot of dead people in there!" 
Me: "Yep Buddy, there sure are!"
Daddy: No comment loud enough for Jaxon to hear followed by snickering and a "Good one Mommy!"

The conversation only got better from there! Jaxon began asking about coffins, why we put people in the ground and finally, "Does Jesus have to dig all those people up to take them to heaven?" Let's just say, I nearly died myself when he asked this! I explained that coffins are magical boxes that basically teleport our loved ones to Heaven to avoid a bunch of gaping holes in the ground. 

Daddy got a big kick outta that explanation, but ya know what, it worked! And when we went by yet another cemetery on our way to Kindergarten Round-Up tonight, instead of being grilled about coffins and getting to Heaven, he merely commented from the backseat, "Look Mom, a cemetery!"