Friday, October 22, 2010

My Newest Blog Topic

Meet the newest topic of all of my blogs... Jaxon's baby brother Maddox or "Max"! He came on Monday the 18th after my Dr. decided to induce labor. We are loving every minute w/ him and I promise to share more when things settle down a bit and I get a chance!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where My Adventure Began

Four years ago... this is where my Adventures in Motherhood began!Jaxon was born at St. Elizabeth's Regional Medical Center, a catholic hospital in Lincoln, NE. Every time a baby is born, the hospital plays a recording over the loud speaker of a tiny bell ringing... this was one of my fondest memories of his birth! Jaxon shares his birthday with his Great Grandpa Miller! I remember Grandpa telling me that I should try extra hard to make sure he was born on the 9th... wish granted! No one can prepare you for the feeling of becoming a Mommy! I read all the books, took all the classes and researched all the baby gear... never once did any of that information say to be prepared for the greatest joy life can bring you! I guess it's hard to prepare oneself for that!
The past four years have been amazing and as we celebrate Jaxon's last birthday as our only child, I can only imagine what great adventures the future will bring us!
Happy Birthday, Jaxon!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Jaxon's 1st Party w/ Friends

Since the first day of school, Jaxon has been begging to have friends come and play! Almost daily he asks if one of the 6 can come home with us! So to honor this request, we invited all six to our home for a fun first... a party w/ friends!

On Wednesday after school, the classmates (along with a few of their siblings) came out for lunch and playtime. While Mommy got lunch ready, a few of the other Mommy's brought the kiddos out and helped this Mommy throw the party. (Thanks so much to the other Mommy's... I couldn't have pulled it off w/out you!)

Cody's Mommy, Silvia, is a talented artist and brought face paint markers to personalize everyone's cheeks while washing up to eat. Most of the kids were too busy playing to sit down long enough to have her paint their faces! In fact, when I asked Jaxon if Silvia had painted something for him he looked at me puzzled and said, "I wasn't there yet Mom!" Oh well, maybe next time!

She also brought the cupcakes! These delicious treats were right up Jaxon's alley... there's nothing he likes more than some good old dirt and worms! The kids had lots of fun digging their worms from the yummy dirt and filled up more on the sweet stuff than the actual meal!

Andrew and Olivia's Mommy, Mrs. Amy (who is also Jaxon's teacher), came along for the ride too! She lead us in the most fitting lunch-time prayer I have ever heard in this house! The student's line leader for the day, Aiden, chose "The John Deere Green" prayer in honor of Jaxon's birthday... how very fitting! I need to have Mrs. Amy print me off a copy of this little, ditty! Jaxon has been asking to pray for the tractors a lot lately and Mommy doesn't know the words!

Aiden, Riana and Keaira's Mommy, Shawna, brought extra chairs so everyone would have a place to sit and eat. Shawna is a Mommy blogger too and was so sweet to include our party in her storyline! I must plug her blog... it's a good read! She is very focused on her kiddos and w/ three, still manages to take some time to share stories from their everyday lives. (I've got a tremendous amount of respect for that and her too!) She took some great pictures... check them out here at her blog!

Jaxon & I both were sad to see everyone leave! We had a great time and are looking forward to many more parties w/ friends!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Correct Me If I'm Crazy

Since becoming a Mommy I have been much better about my procrastinating... I plan better, love research and spend way too much time doing it and start a project 10 months in advance because I want to! I can't even tell you how many times I've been told that this will change when "Baby" arrives and to be quite honest, this annoys me! I know things are going to change... let me deal w/ it peacefully!

And so, the procrastination has already started setting in... starting with the birthday party planning. Normally at this point in the game I would have already done a practice cake, this time I don't even have the food color I need to decorate the cake with. I am struggling with the possibility that my useless hand is going to keep me from doing what I want to do and that makes me not even want to start the project.

The other matter that is stressing me to the max at this point is the food. Again, normally, at this point I have the menu planned and the food bought. But this time I am still trying to decide what to fix! I always think that everything on the menu should go with the theme and while cute, this doesn't always work for the crowd that I plan to serve. I am also very budget conscious and while ordering 10 pizzas from Pizza Hut sounds like the best option, the price is obviously not!

I still need to buy a gift, order a pinata (Jaxon is now requesting one after my nephew's party yesterday), finish the decorations, stuff the favor bags, make the cake and freeze it so I can decorate it and correct me if I'm crazy here but the party is less than a week away now! Oh, did I mention that we are having a party with the school friends on Wednesday, serving snacks at the field trip on Thursday, that I have a Dr.'s appointment this week and the library books are due?! And instead of working on all of these projects... here I sit blogging about it! What's wrong with this picture?!