Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lots & Lots of Questions

Jaxon: "Was you scared of Santa's beard when you was a little boy Mommy?"

Me: "I'm not sure I remember that far back! But I do know I was a little girl... not a little boy!"

Ah, the questions! It seems we've been getting more and more of those lately. Some hilarious, some not so hilarious! Santa always brings Jaxon a new movie every year, normally a new Disney Pixar (if there's one out). This year that movie was "Up". After viewing this, (as a family) Christmas morning, a floodgate of questions started pouring out! "Why are you crying Mommy?" "Why is the man sad?" If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it, it's very good! But be sure to put lots of Kleenex in the pocket and ready to answer lots of questions during and afterward!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Dots

Every once in awhile my child says something to me that makes me laugh out loud when I probably shouldn't... this was one of those times!

We do a lot of counting throughout the day. We count things like tires on Matchbox cars, the pepperonis were putting on homemade pizzas, letters we pull out of the mailbox... you get the idea!

As I was taking dishes out of the dishwasher today I heard Jaxon doing some counting in the dining room. I really wasn't giving it much thought until I began praising him for his efforts. As I made my way around the island in our kitchen I began to ask what it was he was counting. There on the dining room floor was Jaxon underneath our little dog CoCo. "I'm counting CoCo's dots Mom, she have lots of 'em." Dots, are Jaxon's term for nipples!

Oh well... I guess at least it was an educating experience! He then went on to ask me what CoCo used her dots for! That lesson will be for another day!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I am NOT Dreaming of a White Christmas

Number 10: Carrying feed buckets through 3 foot snowbanks is not my idea of a very, merry Christmas!

Number 9: I have probably put on 10 pounds in the last 3 days due to the baking and boredom of being trapped in my house!

Number 8: Digging two cars out of huge piles of snow only to find that neither one will start makes me want to drink and were not talking eggnog people!

Number 7: "Mom, I made a whole mess in the living room." ~ Jaxon

Number 6: Instead of looking forward to getting Christmas cards in the mail, I have been looking forward to FaceBook updates!

Number 5: Quality time w/ family is one thing but this is just ridiculous!!!

Number 4: Spending 10 minutes putting snow clothes on a three year just to find that he has to pee... and then being peed on!

Number 3: Instead of just one big dog in the house at night, ( farting next to my side of the bed), I now have three!

Number 2: "Snow days" w/ my husband!!!

And the Number 1 Reason why I am NOT Dreaming of a White Christmas... I am not done w/ my shopping and I know Santa isn't either! If this retched snow doesn't melt, we are going to have a very disappointed little boy on Christmas Day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Over "Snow Day"

I now know why my Mom would cringe every time a "snow day" was announced! Seriously, I have had enough quality time w/ my son! And if that wasn't bad enough... I have to put up with my husband's lazy a** lounging around too! I have done more cleaning in the past two days than I have in months and my house continues to look as though a hurricane passed through instead of a blizzard! I can't stay out of the fridge! And I still haven't changed out of my pjams today... after all, who's going to see me anyway?!

To add to my frustration, I started a batch of sugar cookies yesterday that just won't roll out! I'm not sure why I even attempt these sort of activities! Even though I can't stand Martha Stewart, I love her ability to make everything look so easy and pretty! Why can't it be that easy?!
Jaxon loves to help... he's quite the little chef! Here are a few pictures from yesterday's two attempts at rolling out that sticky mess!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Missing Tractor

Shopping w/ Jaxon is always an adventure and one that I rarely enjoy! My Christmas shopping is done almost entirely online due to Jaxon's "toddler tirades" in the toy aisles! Trips to
Wal-Mart are almost unbearable for me to think of, but one of those necessities that all Mom's have to endure.

Grandpa asked Jaxon and I to pick up some stuff in Salina for the dairy yesterday. I figured since we were probably going to be going into hibernation again for a few days, I'd better grab a few groceries while in town. Things had been running smooth all day. Mom was able to join us due to a canceled Christmas Shopping trip of her own. Lunch at "Donald's", (Jaxon's favorite place to dine), was really nice. They had an indoor play place so we didn't have to hear him ask repeatedly if we could go outside. And he was real good in the other stores we had to stop at.

Last stop, Wal-Mart! I should have known that after such an easy day of shopping that something would have to go wrong. One of our stops was to one of Jaxon's favorite stores, Tractor Supply. While there he picked out a little tractor to take with him. He asked if he could take the little tractor into Wal-Mart and I told him that he could.

Like every other trip, our first stop inside was to the bathrooms. He of course did not have to go... "I not have to go Mom... I promise! I want to walk, not ride the cart... I BIG!" I gave in, that was my first mistake! The cat food aisle was right next to the bathrooms and since I didn't want to forget Misfit's food, we started our shopping there.

I asked Jaxon what food he thought Misfit would like since they didn't carry his normal brand, that was my second mistake! After picking the cheap bag we headed over to the "pull-up" aisle, I was looking for some "night-time training pants". Before we could even find the "night-time pants" (which were right across the aisle from the cat food), Jaxon proclaims that he has to potty! As I am asking, "Are you sure? We were just in there and you claimed that you didn't have to go!", I noticed that he was not holding his tractor!

I rush back to the bathroom w/ him... really pleased that we now have to use the little stall since the big stall is now occupied! I am asking him if he remembers where he sat his tractor,
"I not know Mom!" We finish up in the bathroom and make a mad dash back to the "pull-up" aisle in search of the tractor. No tractor! I am convinced that some little kid has come along and grabbed that tractor right up and it is now gone.

The only other place we have been is the cat food aisle. After searching every shelf I have come to the conclusion that the missing tractor is now gone for good. I see my Mom at the end of the aisle and holler down at her to see if she has the tractor... "maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, maybe we never had the tractor to begin w/, maybe she has had it all along!"

She had it alright! She found it sitting on top of a bag of cat food and thought, "that has to be Jaxon's!" We had been discussing on the way there that we both needed cat food for our finicky kittys. Thank goodness for Misfit and Screech and being out of kitty food! Next time I won't ask for Jaxon's opinion on the cat food!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jaxon's ArtBoard ~ November

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been scouring the SALES ads for children's art supplies. As you can probably tell, Jaxon was really into painting throughout the month of November. A BIG THANKS goes out to Jaxon's Granny who was nice enough to send him a whole stack of Thanksgiving coloring pages... we will have plenty of pilgrims to paint in the future!

I have to share a story about one of Jaxon's many creations featured on the November Board! Since Jaxon is so into using scissors and glue, collage work is right up his alley! I flipped through a few Parents magazines and had Jaxon point to pictures of the food he'd like to see on the Thanksgiving day table. He did pretty good... he pointed to obvious things like taters, turkey, and pecan pie! But the one that stood out to him the most was an ad for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (aka... chocolate cups)! He thought it'd be a good idea to serve them as the main dish... hence, the giant picture of them! (Can't say I blame him... I'd pick the cups too!)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Awww... the smell of a freshly cut tree! That smell brings back memories for me of Christmas' past. As a kid we used to go out to the pasture every year after a tree. While they were never as pretty as the ones we now have cut at the Bird's Nest Tree farm north of Washington, the tradition of choosing a live tree continues to carry on here at my little family's home.

I gave Jaxon the distinct privilege of picking the tree this year. Daddy had to work so we went out on our own in hopes of finding the perfect tree... I think he did a great job! Ironically enough, the tree Jaxon chose for our home this year looks almost identical to the tree we had last year!

After two days of decorating, (due to Jaxon's cold putting him to sleep too early every night), here is the end result, packages and all!

Jaxon's Papa & Grandma Vicki have started another tradition in our home every year by sending him Christmas PJams... here he is modeling this year's footies!

When Jaxon was just four months old we picked out his first tree for his room... another tradition we have kept going now for the past 3 years. The first tree was tiny and fit just perfect on his changing table. We chose blue decorations to match his room and a tiny star to top it off. This year my Grandparents gave Jaxon a new tree! This one is quite a bit bigger and we are now decorating with John Deere tractors to match his newly decorated room that he'll be getting as part of his Christmas this year.

What Christmas traditions are you keeping alive in your homes this year?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little House on the Snow-Covered Prarie

Waking up to an unexpected snow Monday morning was not exactly the way I had planned to start my week! At first, (I have to admit), I was a little excited... after all, it was our first this fall/winter season! Jaxon slept in that morning till about 7:30 and for the first time since Christmas Day of last year, I wanted to wake him! When he finally woke up, he of course wanted to get right out there and build a snowman... little did I know at that point how perfect the snow was for just that!

Right before we headed out that morning, we lost power... no big deal, it happens a lot! On my way to town the roads seemed fine and after a short delay we continued on our way to my Mom and Dad's. I was beginning to wonder on my way there whether or not I'd be able to make it home that night... the snow was falling so fast and there seemed to be an endless amount of it! Upon arrival, I learned that Sam had gone to school so how bad could it really be?! My sister-in-law was on her way over too, (they had lost power about the same time we had.) All morning the snow continued to fly, school got canceled and Kent called to inform me that at noon we still had no power. Huh?! Oh well, Mom still had juice and it was nice and warm there! About an hour later things began to change!

We lost power at about 1pm there and ended up having a giant Meier/Welch family slumber party! We all thought for sure that by the next day everyone would have power again and things would go back to normal... we were all very wrong!

Kent and I have a well, which (pardon my pun), is all good and well... (that is until you lose power!) With 36 calves to water we had to come up with a way to make sure they had what they needed and fast! We ended up collecting water from our downspouts for the first 3 days. That worked, but by Thursday we were becoming concerned that we may run out. Between the water we needed for them, the toilet flushing and the small amount we were able to use for personal hygiene... we knew that if we were going to be w/out over the weekend, the water would be gone! We resorted to having them go back to the dairy for a few days... very sad!

With no power and no running water the moral at our house was down! We were all having trouble sleeping at night and smelled as though we were homeless! We were able to stay somewhat warm at night thanks to our wood burning stove but were too exhausted most nights to keep wood on and ended up waking up to a very cold house!

Our power finally came back on Friday night only to lose it again 8:30 Saturday morning! Thankfully by noon, the power was back on and we had a phone again! YAY! (Did I forget to mention that when our power came back on our phone, Internet and cable went out?!) Anyway, things are back to normal and even though it was ruff, things could have been much worse! Jaxon was a trooper throughout the entire ordeal and even though he was battling a terrible cold he still managed to remain his happy little self... most of the time!

Appreciate the little things in life... being able to flush your toilet is truly a blessing!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Farmer at Heart

Few things in life excite our child more than one of these "big, green monsters"! We have been waiting in anticipation for the harvesting of this bean field since earlier this summer. Jaxon's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree upon discovering this beast in our backyard! He had a hard time focusing for the first few minutes and I had an even harder time getting him to eat his lunch! As we sat on our back steps enjoying our cheese pizza and the sights and sounds of the combines running, I couldn't help but think of how lucky we are to have this kind of simple entertainment at our disposal. As the afternoon went on, we scoured our 5 small acres for the best spot to watch. Jaxon has spent lots of time perched upon these red rocks so it was no surprise to me when he drug me out to join him. He was a bit distracted by the traffic going up and down our road... at the moment I shot this picture, there was another big, green combine headed out to the fields.
We were thankful to wake up this morning to dry ground... now if only it can stay that way to allow the farmers to get their crops out of the fields. Jaxon and I miss Daddy on those long days away at work and this weekend was no exception. Thankfully we had Grandpa around to keep us company on Saturday. We spent the day moving calves and bales... (this is another one of those exciting moments in our child's life!) And even though he has been begging for the past 2 days to go w/ his Grandpa, (I know deep down it's not because he wants to be away from Mommy)... he's a farmer at heart!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jaxon's October "ArtBoard"

Since Jaxon and I are always doing art activities, I thought it might be fun to start documenting these pieces for him as a keep sake. Throughout the month of October I taped every drawing, painting, collage, color book page, etc. to our fridge and at the end of the month, hung all of the work on my kitchen bulletin board. I then took a picture of the board... here's the first of many in a collection I call, "Jaxon's ArtBoard"! The "ArtBoard" stays up for the entire month of November, and at the end of the month, all of his work goes into a file folder. I then put up the November art and so on, and so on! Keep watching for more to come in upcoming months!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Costume Creation

Costumes, up until this year, have been pretty easy for me to find! The first year we were given a costume as a gift from Jaxon's Papa & Grandma Welch, that year he went as Superman. The next year my Mom came across a really cute farmer costume and last year he went as a football player.

This year, Jaxon was very admit about being a certain carnivore from the Jurassic period... Buddy (the t-rex) from PBS's new cartoon, Dinosaur Train! After discovering there were no premade costumes and that I would have to come up with this on my own, I began searching through his closet for an all orange outfit. Since I am no seamstress, I knew I would more than likely need to go another route and by another route I mean construction paper and duct tape! It turned out to be a pretty inexpensive costume, I paid $6.50 total and that was because I ended up buying the orange hat!

I am pretty proud of what I was able to come up with and even though no one else knew who he was supposed to be, he did and that's what matters most!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween Prep

I love carving pumpkins so I was really excited this week to finally get the chance to do so. My plan was to do our carving outside this year to hopefully cut down on mess... the weather had other plans! Oh well, we had a great time, mess and all! Jaxon was given three designs to pick from... a ghost, some bats or the creepy spider. After all his excitement this year over ghosts (or boos, as he calls them), I thought for sure that would have been his pick! He proved me wrong when he pointed to the creepy spider with no hesitation! His reasoning behind his pick... "Daddy's scared of spiders!"

We had a fun day of Pre-Halloween Prep. After picking treats for the cousins, we put together their bags and delivered them as far as their Daddy's work. We made Orange Jell-O Popcorn Balls and a few batches of fun pumpkin and scary cat cookies. Tomorrow we will tackle a recipe for some pumpkin cookies that actually have pumpkin in them... the others were brought to us by our good friends at Pillsbury!

Jaxon is really excited about getting to go Trick or Treating for the first time with his Dad... his Dad is pretty excited too! His costume is done and as long as rain stays out of the forecast, we should be good to go! I haven't let him try it on yet since it's constructed of mainly paper and duct tape! Who knows, maybe Henson/PBS will see my pics online and hire me to mass produce my "Buddy the T-Rex" from Dinosaur Train! (Yeah right!!!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

I have only one child to raise but I feel sometimes like I live with two! And while I tend to spend most of my time writing about my adventures with Jaxon... I have a few w/ my other child (at heart) too! My husband has never been real good with electrical issues and why I thought this time might be different is beyond me!

Anytime we have an opportunity to work on home improvements, there always seems to be hurdles to overcome! This time was no different! With time change right around the corner we felt there was a need to add a few more lights outside to keep us safe while feeding our calves in the dark. We also thought it might be nice to add a motion sensored light to our back porch since we are always forgetting to leave a light on when we know we'll be returning in the dark.

Changing light bulbs went smoothly (even though the ladder we were using had a broken leg)!Kent's quick fix: random pieces of wood found on the ground (real sturdy)! Oh yeah, and me of course, to hold the ladder in case it decided to move on us! There are times in a wife's life when she knows to keep her mouth shut and yet I couldn't resist the urge to ask (while he was on the rickety ladder), "and what am I to do if the ladder decides to shift a bit?!" He didn't have a response for that one, just an under the breath sort of grumble!

Moving on, we next attempted to tackle the removal of an already existing porch light... no problems there! He was successful in wiring and mounting the motion light (at least we thought). Now we were ready to try out our new lights! Upon opening the boxes in which our bulbs were in, Kent discovered that attention to detail is of great importance... we had one red light and one green light!

Working together has never been real easy for the two of us when it comes to things that men are just naturally supposed to do better than women! And after much frustration with the ladder and various other things, I made the call to just try the lights out to make sure he had it wired correctly. After all, the bulbs could be exchanged! He went back inside, flipped the breaker and all I hear is a somewhat loud popping sound... I think I forgot to mention earlier that the back porch light and my kitchen light are on the same line!

After a much needed break on both of our ends and a call to my Dad for some advice regarding electrical tape, the lights are all working again! But I felt that "Santa's Little Helper" (let's call him, shall we?!), needed a reminder everyday that paying attention to the small details of life is of the utmost importance! After the holiday season the bulbs will be switched out but for now "fa la la, la la, la la, la, la"!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Indoor Art

If there's one thing that my child might actually be prepared for when he starts school, it's art projects! Now that my Planes, Trains and Trucks mural has been done for about a month we took a brief break from the paint brush and focused more attention on catching up on a few good books instead! Since my Hubby is a weather fanatic (lunatic) I pretty much know sometimes a week in advance how to prepare... inside or outside activities!
On Monday morning we took an hour to scour our yard for fallen leaves to use in a leaf rubbing activity I had planned for Wednesday. Jaxon really got into the collecting part... the rubbing part, well let's just say, he would have rather used some "blueberries" (a.k.a. some purple, weed berries he found while scouring), than the boring, old leaves! Anyhow, I did manage to get his attention long enough to create the piece pictured below!
And after much deliberation, Jaxon won the "I want to cut w/ scissors" battle we have been having for the past couple weeks! Now I know what you're thinking... but he actually is doing a wonderful job! And even though I have to sit there through every, little, sniplet... watching his tiny fingers grasp that little pair of scissors is awful cute! And you can't have scissors w/out glue! So I gave in and let him use a little glue too!
It was finally time for the final activity of the day indoors... the pumpkin painting! The pictures that follow pretty much explain themselves! Finger painting isn't just for paper... pumpkins work too! Needless to say, this was our final art activity for the week!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, one of which is pumpkins! Jaxon, myself, Aunt Sam and Grandma visited a local pumpkin patch this weekend in search of the perfect pumpkin! Jaxon had told me when I asked if he'd like to go, that he would be bringing home the biggest pumpkin in the patch! We managed to compromise and brought home one suitable for carving!
There was a nice man who offered to drive our pumpkins over to the car so we wouldn't have to lug our wagon all the way across the patch... Jaxon got to ride in the golf cart with him!

This was a highlight of our trip! Although, I've decided that when it comes time for school field trips, I will not be volunteering to drive and if they decide to leave my child, I won't blame them! See Jaxon under the tractor?!

Grandma and Jaxon

This is the last picture I took while at the patch. As you can see, Jaxon had had it with having his pictures taken... Sam & I had had it too! (And this is why when it comes time for his preschool class to go on their first out of school visit, I'm going to want to hide!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

We sold our second batch of calves this weekend... it's always really sad for me to say good-bye! I sort of see them as pets and after watching Jaxon read books to them (when they first came), it makes their leaving even more bittersweet! Thankfully we were able to bring a new group over the same day as the others were sold so I wouldn't have to suffer from the feelings of an empty nest.
The upside of the sale was that we were able to let Dinkee & Furbee loose with the new, smaller group so they are able to mingle with new friends! Jaxon continues to name those that have been with us the longest. We have grown quite fond of a steer we call SpiderCalf or Spider (due to his inability to walk on all fours all of the time) and a female w/ a hip problem that we call Mama (Jaxon seems to think that she is the mother to all of the smaller calves)... the day they go is the one I dread the most! Jaxon will never be told who we are eating for lunch in those days following their disappearance!
The vet came out earlier this morning to check one of our newbies... Jaxon thought that was really cool! He was really curious about what they were doing and asked lots of questions after they left. His concern for that little animal made me think... maybe one day he'll want to be a vet! That would make this Mama really proud!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Santa Questions

Jaxon: "Mommy, when Santa comes, can he stay at we're house?" (He says we're instead of our.)
Me: "Probably not! He has a lot of other kids to visit."
Jaxon: "Who?"
Me: "Mackensi & Braylen and lots of others too!"
Jaxon: "Why?"
Me: "Because when you're good he brings presents!"
Jaxon: "Oh... am I good?"
Me: "Sometimes. He's always watching so you better try real hard to be good all the time!"
Jaxon: "Mom, I won't poop in my pants!"
Me: "That's a good start!"

Jaxon: "Does Santa like to eat Ronni's & Cheese?"
Me: "I bet he does, but I know he really likes milk & cookies!"
Jaxon: "Oh! Can we make him some?"
Me: "Sure... but we need to wait a few months. He won't be here for awhile & we don't want his cookies to get yucky."
Jaxon: "OK!"

Jaxon: "Mom, is Santa black?"
Me: "What?!"
Jaxon: "Is Santa black?"
Me: "Well, I'm not sure! I've never met him in real life. The one that we go see in Clay Center is white, but the real Santa could be Chinese, Hispanic, or African American... I'm not too sure!"

Jaxon asked me the other day if I had any more presents for him to open now that his birthday is over. I responded w/, "you'll have to wait till Christmas." That opened a whole new can of beans! These questions were all asked this week but the day he questioned me on Santa's ethnicity he colored his arm with a black permanent marker! I guess he wasn't convinced that I knew what I was talking about! Either that, or he was just being a typical little boy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Party Time

Jaxon: "Is it Party Time yet Mommy?!"
Me: "Not yet... gotta wait a few more hours!"

The party was great! Jaxon had a wonderful time and so did we! After 10 months of planning and prepping, three hours went by too fast but once again, it was very much worth it! Timing this year was not on our side unfortunately! We all caught the flu earlier in the week and lost a day of decorating but managed to pull it off with a little help. Some friends weren't able to come due to illnesses and then of course the weather deterred some family from traveling.

My brother and sister-in-law had their new baby last Wednesday so I lost focus for a day or two but managed to stay off FaceBook long enough to finish my cake just in time! (We missed you at the party Ranai but understand... you had a good excuse! Now next year we'll have to toss a coin to decide who gets what weekend for their parties since Braylen's birthday is two days before Jaxon's!) What a special gift... a friend for life!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this a special day for Jaxon... we love you all!
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Saturday, October 10, 2009


My brother Dusty & wife Ranai had their baby this week! It's a BOY! His name is Braylen and he is adorable! I will be posting many more pictures and stories soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mice in my Pants

We have a busy week ahead... the birthday party is a week from today! There won't be much time for my new favorite past time so I thought I should add this tale before I forget.

Jaxon and I had to make a quick Wally World trip on Saturday for a few last minute party details. While there, we took a stroll down the toy aisle a few hundred times in search of the perfect gift. After much searching we decided on a few items and headed towards the Halloween aisles. We started down aisle one of the Halloween section - Party Supplies. Jaxon quickly decided that he must get out of the cart to have a closer look at something. I was busy going over my list when I look up to see him putting something in our cart.

He had found and insisted that I buy him a package of about 30, small, gray, (and yes, you guessed it) "rubbery" rats! (I am starting to think that he has some sort of gravitational pull to these creepy crawlers!) When it came time to check out the clerk looked at me as though I was clinically insane when I requested that she leave the rubbery vermin out, so that we might play w/ them on the way home!

All 30 "mices" joined us at Donald's for a hamburger... luckily he had to bring his "murse" that day so I didn't actually have to carry all 30 of the rubbery creatures in my hands. The older couple sitting at the next table over from us probably got up half way through their meal not because they "had to get back on the road", but because Jaxon's new found friends were perched upon his hamburger (in a most disgusting sight I might add)!

I told Jaxon when it came time for bed last night that those "mices" were not sleeping in Mommy's bed so he would need to put them up until morning. Guess who woke up this morning w/ a rubber rat in the leg of her pj's?!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone w/ the Wind

In keeping with the theme of the week... Shaving Cream Dreams, and to pass the time on an overly windy day, I allowed Jaxon to have some fun cleaning my coffee table. If I have learned anything from P.A.T. it's that shaving cream cleans a surface like nobody's business!

We also spent some time baking (which w/ Jaxon's help is always an experience)! The boy loves flour and if you are looking for birthday gift ideas... you might as well save your cash and give the gift of flour! Seriously, he would spend hours on my countertop stirring! Last time we baked he got ahold of my flour canister and spice racks, he had the best time... I can't use whatever he came up w/ and need to just throw it out but I baked a cake and cleaned up my basement in the time he spent "cooking"!

The highlight of his windy day though was riding in the "poop truck" w/ Grandpa! He would spend days with that man and probably not even miss me! After my Dad called to see if Jaxon would want to ride along while he and my brother picked up bales, I asked Jaxon if he'd rather go w/ Grandpa or stay w/ Mommy... guess what his answer was! I've never seen the boy move so fast!

He filled his backpack w/ snacks and toys as though he was moving out, carefully picking those "special" toys of the day! He grabbed his "way too small" beanie (which basically only covers the top of his dome now and his strategically packed bag and was out the door before I even had a chance to change Kingston's diaper (the little guy I babysit).

On the way over to the farm Jaxon asked why Kingston had to come along. I explained to him that he would get scared if Mommy left him alone and that he wouldn't be going in the "poop truck", he'd be coming back home w/ Mommy to watch Oprah! With a small sigh of relief we continued on our way. Upon arrival, he jumped out of the car, ran over to the truck, hopped in and was gone w/ the wind and a tiny wave!
After Kingston went home Dad called to see if I could come out and help for awhile. When I got out to the field in "Tony's Truck" I figured Jaxon would want to come ride with me for awhile so I went over to the semi where I could see his little, blonde head bobbing around. I opened the door, he seemed happy to see me, but he quickly escorted me back to my "little" truck and told me to stay there! I've never felt so loved!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shaving Cream Dreams

This is one of those moments I pictured in my mind the day we found out we were having a boy! I picture painting tiny toenails someday for myself, but for a Daddy, a little shaving cream, a capped razor and a lot of giggles makes for a shaving cream dream come true!