Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Missing Tractor

Shopping w/ Jaxon is always an adventure and one that I rarely enjoy! My Christmas shopping is done almost entirely online due to Jaxon's "toddler tirades" in the toy aisles! Trips to
Wal-Mart are almost unbearable for me to think of, but one of those necessities that all Mom's have to endure.

Grandpa asked Jaxon and I to pick up some stuff in Salina for the dairy yesterday. I figured since we were probably going to be going into hibernation again for a few days, I'd better grab a few groceries while in town. Things had been running smooth all day. Mom was able to join us due to a canceled Christmas Shopping trip of her own. Lunch at "Donald's", (Jaxon's favorite place to dine), was really nice. They had an indoor play place so we didn't have to hear him ask repeatedly if we could go outside. And he was real good in the other stores we had to stop at.

Last stop, Wal-Mart! I should have known that after such an easy day of shopping that something would have to go wrong. One of our stops was to one of Jaxon's favorite stores, Tractor Supply. While there he picked out a little tractor to take with him. He asked if he could take the little tractor into Wal-Mart and I told him that he could.

Like every other trip, our first stop inside was to the bathrooms. He of course did not have to go... "I not have to go Mom... I promise! I want to walk, not ride the cart... I BIG!" I gave in, that was my first mistake! The cat food aisle was right next to the bathrooms and since I didn't want to forget Misfit's food, we started our shopping there.

I asked Jaxon what food he thought Misfit would like since they didn't carry his normal brand, that was my second mistake! After picking the cheap bag we headed over to the "pull-up" aisle, I was looking for some "night-time training pants". Before we could even find the "night-time pants" (which were right across the aisle from the cat food), Jaxon proclaims that he has to potty! As I am asking, "Are you sure? We were just in there and you claimed that you didn't have to go!", I noticed that he was not holding his tractor!

I rush back to the bathroom w/ him... really pleased that we now have to use the little stall since the big stall is now occupied! I am asking him if he remembers where he sat his tractor,
"I not know Mom!" We finish up in the bathroom and make a mad dash back to the "pull-up" aisle in search of the tractor. No tractor! I am convinced that some little kid has come along and grabbed that tractor right up and it is now gone.

The only other place we have been is the cat food aisle. After searching every shelf I have come to the conclusion that the missing tractor is now gone for good. I see my Mom at the end of the aisle and holler down at her to see if she has the tractor... "maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, maybe we never had the tractor to begin w/, maybe she has had it all along!"

She had it alright! She found it sitting on top of a bag of cat food and thought, "that has to be Jaxon's!" We had been discussing on the way there that we both needed cat food for our finicky kittys. Thank goodness for Misfit and Screech and being out of kitty food! Next time I won't ask for Jaxon's opinion on the cat food!

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