Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Awww... the smell of a freshly cut tree! That smell brings back memories for me of Christmas' past. As a kid we used to go out to the pasture every year after a tree. While they were never as pretty as the ones we now have cut at the Bird's Nest Tree farm north of Washington, the tradition of choosing a live tree continues to carry on here at my little family's home.

I gave Jaxon the distinct privilege of picking the tree this year. Daddy had to work so we went out on our own in hopes of finding the perfect tree... I think he did a great job! Ironically enough, the tree Jaxon chose for our home this year looks almost identical to the tree we had last year!

After two days of decorating, (due to Jaxon's cold putting him to sleep too early every night), here is the end result, packages and all!

Jaxon's Papa & Grandma Vicki have started another tradition in our home every year by sending him Christmas PJams... here he is modeling this year's footies!

When Jaxon was just four months old we picked out his first tree for his room... another tradition we have kept going now for the past 3 years. The first tree was tiny and fit just perfect on his changing table. We chose blue decorations to match his room and a tiny star to top it off. This year my Grandparents gave Jaxon a new tree! This one is quite a bit bigger and we are now decorating with John Deere tractors to match his newly decorated room that he'll be getting as part of his Christmas this year.

What Christmas traditions are you keeping alive in your homes this year?

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Ann said...

We also put a tree in Dylan room this year. He seems to really enjoy it also!!!
I have interesting memories of picking out a tree with my family when I was young!! One time it even flew off the top of our station wagon!!!