Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby Sighting

I thought today would be a good day to give an update on my diet (since it's been so long). The truth is, my diet hasn't been going very well lately. Infact, I am sad to report that I have gained back 5 pounds. For the past 7 weeks I have had no desire to workout and I have been unusually hungry (and have given in to way too many sweets!) I have been feeling sick a lot lately and most days Jaxon is waking me up telling me it's not time to sleep!

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things in about a week or so because at that point I will have reached my 2nd trimester!!! Yes, we are expecting!!! I am 12 weeks today and am so excited to finally feel like I can share our news. Jaxon and I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time yesterday. He was really excited and told the Dr. that the baby is a boy and that he can't wait to play w/ "him" when he comes out!

At 8 weeks I was given a sonogram and Jaxon was there to experience our first "baby sighting" w/ me... here is a picture that I took when we got home!

My due date is November 4th and we are all so excited to meet him/her!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Blue Cotton Ball

Kent and I took Jaxon to his first movie Saturday... How To Train Your Dragon (in 3D)! It was a really cute movie and I would recommend it to anyone! It was a first for me too, I'd never seen a movie in 3D... it was amazing! Walking into the "beeater" (as Jaxon calls it), I'm not sure Jaxon knew what to expect. We paid for our outrageously expensive tickets, a huge bag of blue cotton candy for Jaxon, Kent's Goobers and a large Pepsi that Kent was convinced we needed since we were all going to share. (Over half of that large Pepsi was still sitting on the bar in our kitchen the next morning... guess we would have been fine w/ the medium, huh Dear?!)

The clerk handed us our 3D glasses (which by the way were pretty nice, they were actually like a pair of sunglasses instead of paper), and we headed into the "beeater". I don't know about you and your child, but Jaxon can spot a claw game or one of those coin operated ride-on toys immediately anywhere we go! And of course why would this place be any different?! We managed to get him steered back towards the movie but by the time we had stopped to use the bathroom, the "beeater" was already dark when we walked in!

I sort of had it in my head that maybe since it was his first time we should be sat down before the lights go off and the loud music starts... luckily we got him seated w/ no meltdowns, or trips down the stairs. So now it was time to get our glasses out and ready. This child loves sunglasses! He wears a pair of 3D Crayola Chalk glasses around the house and outside all of the time, (how he sees, I'm not too sure)! He got a pair of sunglasses from the Easter Bunny that are too small and insists on wearing them even though they squish his melon! But do you think we could get him to put his glasses on?!

After we'd missed all the credits in 3D (due to us trying to convince our child to put on the glasses), and the 1st 5 minutes of the movie, we finally convinced him to just try it... and he did! So the movie has started and we are all enjoying ourselves. Jaxon has asked for us to open the "cotton ball" (as he calls it), so we do. The movie is almost 2 hours long and in that window of time I can't even tell you how many times we had to clean off this child's 3-D glasses! Every time we turned around he was smearing "cotton ball" stickiness all over the lenses!

So we made it to the end and as we headed out into the light we could see why we were busy cleaning lenses every other minute... Jaxon's face was covered in blue "cotton ball"! His clothes were covered, there were spot of still fluffy "cotton ball" stuck to his shirt! Needless to say I was much relieved to find a package of flushable wipes in our car!

And while we won't be rushing back anytime soon to the "beeater", it was a memorable experience for us all! And who knows, maybe by the time Toy Story 3 comes out, we'll be ready to try it again... minus the blue "cotton ball"!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Can't Get Enough

We went to see Alivia again last night... I just can't get enough of her! Jaxon held her for the first time (and even though he was busy trying to pass her off to Grandma so he could go back to playing w/ Uncle Tony), he thinks she's pretty special! We all do!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jaxon's ArtBoard ~ March

During the month of March, Jaxon was really into using his markers. We reviewed the letter C and talked a lot about things like cookies, chefs and cows. For Christmas he got this really great coloring book that goes through each month and has pictures that show the things that people do and celebrate during that time. He has a tendency (as you can see), of using only one color per coloring page. I have been encouraging him to mix it up a bit but he seems to think that his way works just fine!

This month we are talking about the letter D and things like dogs and dinosaurs. Sidewalk chalk is a big hit here at our house and we hope to be able to spend some time outside creating.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let the Spoiling Begin

Meet the newest member of our family... Miss Alivia Grace Meier! Sure to be the topic of many blog stories in the future! Jaxon is thrilled and keeps asking when she is going to get big! He is also a little concerned, Uncle Tony only has boy toys at his house and she isn't going to want to play w/ them! I keep reassuring him that she will be fine and we will just have to go out and buy her some "girl toys".

I spoke to Tony last night and he asked how they slept the night before. He seems to think that he now has "Super Daddy hearing" because every time that little girl made a peep he was wide awake and ready to make sure that she was OK! I reassured him that w/in a few weeks that hearing will get worse and worse, (it seems to do that to most all new Daddies)!

I am looking forward to spoiling her rotten and watching her and Jaxon become close friends!