Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let the Spoiling Begin

Meet the newest member of our family... Miss Alivia Grace Meier! Sure to be the topic of many blog stories in the future! Jaxon is thrilled and keeps asking when she is going to get big! He is also a little concerned, Uncle Tony only has boy toys at his house and she isn't going to want to play w/ them! I keep reassuring him that she will be fine and we will just have to go out and buy her some "girl toys".

I spoke to Tony last night and he asked how they slept the night before. He seems to think that he now has "Super Daddy hearing" because every time that little girl made a peep he was wide awake and ready to make sure that she was OK! I reassured him that w/in a few weeks that hearing will get worse and worse, (it seems to do that to most all new Daddies)!

I am looking forward to spoiling her rotten and watching her and Jaxon become close friends!

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