Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parrrrrrrrrrrty Time

It's almost parrrrrrrrty time! Check out how I'm inviting our guests this year!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hubby/Daddy turns 40 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

Here's the birthday boy w/ his 2 boys this morning after breakfast!
He's pretty strong for an old man!
Since Daddy & Grandma celebrate birthdays so close together, we celebrated w/ 2 very large cakes!

I'm a lucky woman... I have a great husband and a wonderful father to my children!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Jaxon & Maddox's Grandma turns 50 today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!
Jaxon & Grandma visiting Thomas the Train!
Grandma & Uncle Tony at his wedding!
Grandma & Cousin Alivia!
Grandma & Grandpa at Christmas w/ some of the grandkiddos!
Here's to another 50 years of being not only a great Mom & Grandma, but a wonderful friend as well! LOVE YOU MOM!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pinterest LOVE

If you haven't already checked out Pinterest... I wouldn't advise doing it, it's even more addictive than FaceBook! Here are just a few things I found this morning that I love!

This is soooooo true! Blogging is also cheaper and less painful than running!
Square Fiesta Ware - LOVE

If I were one of those Mommy's who could go out and get my manis & pedis...
it would be in these colors!
LOVE THIS! My floors are always sticky! 

Don't these look amazing?! They are pumpkin flavored, cream cheese frosting stuffed whoopies!
This is sure to make my Kindle Reading List! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Max - 11 months

Dear Max,

Instead of sitting down to write this post I should really be busy "baby proofing" our house! It's just that the time has flown by so quickly that I find finding the time hard to do! You are such a happy guy most of the time. You find great joy in climbing and riding... wish you'd hurry and find that joy in riding in the car! Wether it be on my knee, or your three or four-wheeler, or your "scoot buggy", or even your ABC caterpillar, you know just what to do to. Daddy & I sat and watched you climb aboard your "scoot buggy" for the first time the other night. Watching the wheels turn in your tiny head, figuring out just how to get that leg over the side was a pretty proud moment for the two of us! It about drove Jaxon crazy not to step in and help you do it!

 "Riding" ABC caterpillar!
Big Brother giving you a push on your 3-wheeler!
"Climbing" your 3-wheeler! Jaxon suggested we take your 11 mth. photo here... he's a genius!

You and Jaxon have become really great friends! It's been so incredible to watch the two of you starting to really play together. You both LOVE having "roaring" matches to see who can be louder... you even like to do this w/ Aunt Sam! You both fight over your little chair (the one pictured in the "month photos") and every time Jaxon goes to sit in it these days, you usually let every one know that's your chair! You are making "mooooooing" noises when we ask you what a cow says and you can say "cat"! You also LOVE to talk on the phone! Every time anyone says, "Hello Max!", you put whatever you have in your hand up to your ear! Maybe this is a sign that Mommy's on the phone too much!

It's getting harder and harder to capture your "month photos"!
Going, going...
... gone!
You sure are a tiny little tot! Mommy's been going through the duds pulling out the "cold weather" clothes since it's cooling off and I'm having a hard time finding anything small enough for you to wear! I put a pair of 6 month jeans on you on Friday and they kept falling off! Hopefully you'll get some stuff for your birthday that's creeping up fast!
With Jaxon back in school we've had lots of time to catch up on the snuggles... Mommy sure enjoys that! Let's start working on sleeping through the night in your own bed, OK?! 

Until next month, (on your 1st birthday)... love, Mommy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mommy To The Rescue

My Hubby gave me the idea for this post after asking me at dinner if I'd written about his latest adventure which involved a hungry heifer and a frantic phone call from the calf pen! After two years of blogging (almost weekly), he has recently started "following" our adventures himself! I dedicate this post, to him!

Fall is my favorite time of year. We got married in October and both our boys were born in October, (neither one was planned that way, it just happened)! People often say it's our "special month", and I couldn't agree more! 

Every year I look forward to decorating for the Fall. Since we were married in October I have a ton of Fall inspired decorations. Before hauling out all of the decorative pumpkins and gourds, I decided it'd be a good time to "purge" the basement! (That's where I keep all my decos!) The boys and I spent an entire day down there on Tuesday cleaning out the playroom and my storage shelves. I've got about 8 bags of trash stockpiled because of that "purge day"!     

The boys had been really good all day, helping Mommy organize and being very patient as I secretly tossed some of the old toys that were either broken or missing pieces... even Jaxon got in on the toy part of the "purge"! But by 5 everyone had had enough and was ready to get back to playing. Jaxon & I heard Daddy pull up so he was of course up the stairs and out the door before I even had a chance to remind him to put on his flip flops.  

Max and I stayed put finishing up a few minor details from the day. Max was just as excited to get outside as Jaxon and wasn't real happy with me when we stayed put! He began his  ti-raid and everything fell apart from there! After a short while the phone began ringing. I can never find the cordless when I need it... like every time it rings! So I of course missed that call! But a few minutes later my cell phone began ringing... I thought to myself, "That's strange!", but assumed it was my Dad.

I decided at that point to head upstairs. Max wasn't getting over his fit and I wanted to see who was trying so desperately to get ahold of me. As we made our way up the steps Jaxon came busting through the side door saying that Daddy needed me. (What's new?! Somebody always needs Mommy! So I was a teeny bit irritated because by now the phone was ringing again, I still had no idea where the cordless was, and now I knew who was on the other line!)   

I slowly made my way out the door, (attitude and all), hollering, "What do you want?!" There he was, trapped inside the barn, inside our calf pen! To set this up I have to first say that our heifer who is about 1000 pounds or more, doesn't particularly care for my Hubby! We're not sure why, but every time he goes in to feed her, she goes after him! I think it's just because she's lonely and it probably doesn't help that he's covered in grain dust! Every time I go in to feed her, she pays me no attention!

She had cornered him in the barn and wasn't letting him out... truth be told, at that point, I was ready to leave him in there! So once again Mommy came to the rescue, Daddy was saved and Max was finally happy because he got what he wanted, to go outside!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fire Chopper

In case you were wondering... this is what's left of what Jaxon is now affectionately calling the "Fire Chopper"!

The Burneded Up Chopper

My oldest is 100% farm boy! He has loved farm life since before he knew what that meant! When he was learning to talk his Daddy would bring home implement (or tractor) catalogs from work, pointing to the images on the page and asking, "What's that?" Somehow, (w/out prompting), Jaxon always knew!

That's why when I got a text from one of my brothers the other night claiming that, "Breaking down sucks!", I was hesitant about sharing the attached photo w/ Jaxon. For those of you who are new to my blog, my Dad's a dairy farmer. Corn is a huge part of a Holstein's diet and is harvested right on the farm to keep the herd fed. The machine pictured above is called a corn chopper, and when Grandpa rented it earlier this Summer, it quickly became one of Jaxon's favorite pieces of equipment. 

Jaxon begged to ride along every time he caught wind of the crew heading out to the fields. He even asked me to drive him an hour and half down the road to another farm so he could ride the first time they went out! Luckily he wasn't along for the ride the other day!

To make a long story short, "Grandpa's chopper burneded to the ground"! When I told Jaxon what had happened and showed him the images he was devastated! He sat through supper that night barely touching his food, sulking about how he'd never ride in the "burneded up chopper again"! He asked repeatedly to be taken to the scene so he could see for himself that it was indeed no more.

He continues to mourn the loss of the chopper and continues to beg me to take him to the field. I joke that this incident has been more traumatic for him then the images of 9/11 that he saw on TV Sunday! (Not that 9/11 is a joking matter because it certainly is not. But it's the only thing I can think of to compare it to at this time.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Times the Adventure

My blog adventure began 2 years ago today. Lots has changed in those 2 years! My Adventures In Motherhood certainly have! I now have 2 times the adventure in my day to day Mommy challenges and triumphs but I wouldn't change it for the world! Here are some of my most cherished Mommy Moments from the past year... it's true what they say, 2 really is better than one!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tough Questions - 9/11

It's hard to know just what to say to a 4 year old so full of questions. While we always take the time to remember those who were lost on that tragic day, this is the first year we have had to really deal with how to explain all of this to a child. How does one even begin to know where to start? The images that flood the television and Internet today aren't easy on a little ones eyes, most aren't easy on the eyes of us adults. What do you say when your child catches an image of a person falling from what was the twin towers? How do you explain to them that the bad guys won't come after us? 

While getting ready for church this morning, Jaxon said to Daddy that we sure are lucky that the firemen got those bad guys in those tall towers. Hubby had to explain to Jaxon that the bad guys weren't in the towers, they were in the planes. A look of "why would they do that"  spread across his face as he began to try and process what Daddy had said. 

As the day went on he continued to talk about the firetrucks and police cars we were seeing on TV. He watched as the fire boats brought water to ground zero. All the while the questions piling up in his tiny head. I approach a tough topic like this, if he has a question I try my best to answer it in a way he can understand. The sad thing is, there's really no way to explain something I have a hard time myself understanding! 

I thought this image really captured what other kids may have felt as a result of such a horrific tragedy and showed it to Jaxon. He commented on the rainbows, the hearts and the fish! Notice how everything has a positive feel... it's important to remain in the positive (like the kids) when trying to explain something like this. 

How have you approached such a tender subject with your kids on this 
the 10th anniversary of 9/11?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Texas On Tour @ the Kansas State Fair

Are you like me and in need of a vacation?! Come discover all that Texas has to offer at the Kansas State Fair, in Hutchinson, KS, starting today through the 18th of September! That's right, I said Texas! 

Texas On Tour is an interactive traveling road show that makes the Lone Star State come alive! Take the whole family out and explore the Texas coastline on a virtual beach, watch a film and play some trivia inside a dome theater, splash your way across the state in a virtual kayaking adventure, and so much more!
Hit the water for a wet and wild tour of Texas, from the sprawling coastline all the way to the bayou! Just hop in your kayak and explore four of Texas' impressive waterways including the rolling waves of the Gulf of Mexico and the glorious Rio Grande!
Head inside the Discover Texas theater to learn some exciting facts about the Lone Star State. But make sure you pay attention, at the end, two teams will go head-to-head in a Texas Trivia Challenge for a prize!
Texas music is just like the culture; it can be upbeat and lively or calm and soothing, but it's always beautiful and unique! Stop by the entertainment stage and hear for yourself!
Say cheese and flash those pearly whites all across the great state of Texas and take a piece of it with you as you pose at the historic Alamo, the grandiose Palo Duro Canyon, a Texas metropolis, or even Sea World!
And don't forget at the end of you tour to enter the Texas On Tour Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for two! For more information on the Kansas State Fair and Texas On Tour... click on the links below!