Friday, September 16, 2011

Mommy To The Rescue

My Hubby gave me the idea for this post after asking me at dinner if I'd written about his latest adventure which involved a hungry heifer and a frantic phone call from the calf pen! After two years of blogging (almost weekly), he has recently started "following" our adventures himself! I dedicate this post, to him!

Fall is my favorite time of year. We got married in October and both our boys were born in October, (neither one was planned that way, it just happened)! People often say it's our "special month", and I couldn't agree more! 

Every year I look forward to decorating for the Fall. Since we were married in October I have a ton of Fall inspired decorations. Before hauling out all of the decorative pumpkins and gourds, I decided it'd be a good time to "purge" the basement! (That's where I keep all my decos!) The boys and I spent an entire day down there on Tuesday cleaning out the playroom and my storage shelves. I've got about 8 bags of trash stockpiled because of that "purge day"!     

The boys had been really good all day, helping Mommy organize and being very patient as I secretly tossed some of the old toys that were either broken or missing pieces... even Jaxon got in on the toy part of the "purge"! But by 5 everyone had had enough and was ready to get back to playing. Jaxon & I heard Daddy pull up so he was of course up the stairs and out the door before I even had a chance to remind him to put on his flip flops.  

Max and I stayed put finishing up a few minor details from the day. Max was just as excited to get outside as Jaxon and wasn't real happy with me when we stayed put! He began his  ti-raid and everything fell apart from there! After a short while the phone began ringing. I can never find the cordless when I need it... like every time it rings! So I of course missed that call! But a few minutes later my cell phone began ringing... I thought to myself, "That's strange!", but assumed it was my Dad.

I decided at that point to head upstairs. Max wasn't getting over his fit and I wanted to see who was trying so desperately to get ahold of me. As we made our way up the steps Jaxon came busting through the side door saying that Daddy needed me. (What's new?! Somebody always needs Mommy! So I was a teeny bit irritated because by now the phone was ringing again, I still had no idea where the cordless was, and now I knew who was on the other line!)   

I slowly made my way out the door, (attitude and all), hollering, "What do you want?!" There he was, trapped inside the barn, inside our calf pen! To set this up I have to first say that our heifer who is about 1000 pounds or more, doesn't particularly care for my Hubby! We're not sure why, but every time he goes in to feed her, she goes after him! I think it's just because she's lonely and it probably doesn't help that he's covered in grain dust! Every time I go in to feed her, she pays me no attention!

She had cornered him in the barn and wasn't letting him out... truth be told, at that point, I was ready to leave him in there! So once again Mommy came to the rescue, Daddy was saved and Max was finally happy because he got what he wanted, to go outside!


This Cookn' Mom said...

Ha! Mommy is always to the rescue. You saved the day!

Jenna said...

You need a cape...