Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Reads

It's been awhile since I've done a book review, not that I haven't read anything good lately, I've just been short on time. I absolutely had to make time for these two "good reads" that Jaxon, Max & I stumbled upon during our Story Hour trips to the library in the last two weeks! We have been spending the month of September choosing books about the farm. 

Last week we brought home several books about pigs! Both of my boys really like piggies and there are tons of books out there about them. If you haven't already heard of children's author, John Himmelman, I recommend very highly that you look him up at your local library. 

He is the author of "Pigs To The Rescue"... a hilarious tale of a group of pigs who find themselves coming to the aid of the farmer and his family! Both Jaxon & Maddox cracked up every time we read this book! We even went back this week for "Chickens To The Rescue", another book by Himmelman, unfortunately someone else had already checked it out. We hope to get his next book, "Cows To The Rescue", when it comes in! 
The boys still crack up every time I even say... "Pigs To The Rescue"!

3 tough chicks learn how being different isn't so bad!
"Tough Chicks" by: Cece Meng is sure to be another crowd pleaser at bedtime or anytime you choose to read to the kiddos! The illustrations are great and the story praises being different which I think is a wonderful message for little ones. It's also pretty funny and will leave your kids begging for more! 

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