Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Max - 11 months

Dear Max,

Instead of sitting down to write this post I should really be busy "baby proofing" our house! It's just that the time has flown by so quickly that I find finding the time hard to do! You are such a happy guy most of the time. You find great joy in climbing and riding... wish you'd hurry and find that joy in riding in the car! Wether it be on my knee, or your three or four-wheeler, or your "scoot buggy", or even your ABC caterpillar, you know just what to do to. Daddy & I sat and watched you climb aboard your "scoot buggy" for the first time the other night. Watching the wheels turn in your tiny head, figuring out just how to get that leg over the side was a pretty proud moment for the two of us! It about drove Jaxon crazy not to step in and help you do it!

 "Riding" ABC caterpillar!
Big Brother giving you a push on your 3-wheeler!
"Climbing" your 3-wheeler! Jaxon suggested we take your 11 mth. photo here... he's a genius!

You and Jaxon have become really great friends! It's been so incredible to watch the two of you starting to really play together. You both LOVE having "roaring" matches to see who can be louder... you even like to do this w/ Aunt Sam! You both fight over your little chair (the one pictured in the "month photos") and every time Jaxon goes to sit in it these days, you usually let every one know that's your chair! You are making "mooooooing" noises when we ask you what a cow says and you can say "cat"! You also LOVE to talk on the phone! Every time anyone says, "Hello Max!", you put whatever you have in your hand up to your ear! Maybe this is a sign that Mommy's on the phone too much!

It's getting harder and harder to capture your "month photos"!
Going, going...
... gone!
You sure are a tiny little tot! Mommy's been going through the duds pulling out the "cold weather" clothes since it's cooling off and I'm having a hard time finding anything small enough for you to wear! I put a pair of 6 month jeans on you on Friday and they kept falling off! Hopefully you'll get some stuff for your birthday that's creeping up fast!
With Jaxon back in school we've had lots of time to catch up on the snuggles... Mommy sure enjoys that! Let's start working on sleeping through the night in your own bed, OK?! 

Until next month, (on your 1st birthday)... love, Mommy!

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Jenna said...

My baby will never be that big, right? I can't even believe we brought her home 8 weeks ago!!