Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Chance to Make a Summer Splash

With temps in the 100's again this week, the water table got one last use before getting packed up for Fall!
Max is busy washing off the blades of grass that he's been picking!
A big round of applause for Brother's splashing!
Here's Max "bear crawling" through the grass!
It's the little things... like watching the water drip from the sprinkler! 
Jaxon informed me before bed that night that he wouldn't be needing a bath, 
he'd already taken a shower in his sprinkler!
Shower time!

Running to jump in the tiny pool... that's got to be hard on the buns!
Not as much fun as the big boy pool... but close!
Snack time! This is our favorite place to snack, until the dogs come along that is!
I LOVE THIS FACE! Guess what lil' brother was up to?! You guessed it...
dump'in his thawed out icey pop all over his brother! 
If you couldn't tell... he's ornery!
Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer as much as we are! 
Happy Labor Day weekend!

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