Sunday, July 31, 2011

Athlete's Eye

Modesty moved out out when the kids moved in! I can't even remember the last time I used the toilet w/out an audience, Max helps me get dressed at least 5 days a week and it seems the only time I can take a shower w/out a full house is after every one's gone to bed.

During Max's longer than normal nap this morning I decided it'd be a good chance to get a nice relaxing shower in, maybe even shave my long overdue, hairy legs. I managed to sneak into the bathroom unnoticed. Jaxon was downstairs playing w/ his trains when he apparently heard the water kick on. I got about half way through my hygiene maintenance session when Jaxon came barreling through the door, kitten in hand.

To set this up I first have to explain that Jaxon has had a bad case of athlete's foot off and on for about a year now. Just when I think we are getting it all healed up it flairs back up again and the poor kid wakes up begging for tough act'n Tinactin. (Tough act'n my butt!!!) Anyway, he came into the bathroom full of questions and like he always does, asks if I can please talk to "Patch", (he plays the voice of "Patch"... Patch is his kitten). I began asking "Patch" things like how he's liking his new digs, if the food's been up to snuff and if he enjoyed meeting some of Jaxon's friends at a BBQ we had the night before. "Patch" answers my questions and goes on to ask if I have athlete's foot. I explain that I don't, he responds w/, "That's cause you're a girl and only boys get athlete's foot."

"Patch" sounds rather proud of himself when he says this and as usual goes into the whole boys are better than girls routine! Being the smart ass Mommy that I am I say to "Patch", "Well Patch, you're a boy, do you have athlete's foot?"

"Patch" aka Jaxon: "No, I have athlete's eye!"

The shower curtain came in handy this morning... normally when Jaxon says things like this I don't have anything to hide my expression! Now on to explain why Jaxon seems to think that Patch has "athlete's eye". When we found Patch he was very tiny and like some baby kittens do, Patch had a wooky eye. We got some meds and it cleared up rather quickly. About 2 days ago the wooky eye started showing up again, hence the "athlete's eye"!

Leave it to Jaxon!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Downward Mom

Jaxon keeps asking me this question... "Mom, what do you like to do?" He asks me this on a daily basis and always seems to beat me to the punchline which leaves me wondering why he even bothered asking in the first place! His answers to his question vary from day to day from everything from reading a book, to taking a nap, to doing Yoga. It's true... I do love all of those things and wish I had more time for all of them unfortunately there never seem to be enough hours in the day.

One thing that I do take time for at least 4-5 times a week these days is Yoga. I'm a very high stress individual and that doesn't always go hand in hand w/ parenting real well as you can imagine! I have found that the breathing tips in Yoga help to relieve an insane amount of pent up frustration that on certain days I'd like to take out not only on the little "angels" but also on my Hubby!

Recently I've noticed the boys trying out a few poses that I do in my "workdowns" (as Jaxon calls it). Max's favorite is "Downward Dog"... it's pretty hilarious to see a nine month old w/ his diapered butt stretched up to the sky! Jaxon changes in and out of poses during my "workdowns" right along with me which make focusing on my balance a real challenge most days.

Today was one of those days that I wished I could go back to my gym membership and hide away from my kids for 2 hours during my "workdown". Not only is it challenging to focus on my balance while trying to keep from laughing at Jaxon's "Triangle" pose but even more so when Max is blowing raspberries on my belly during my "Corpse" pose! Not to mention the kitten who is biting and clawing at my hair all at the same time!

I managed to make it through the "workdown" despite all of my distractions and felt a sense of even more accomplishment after all of that. NAMASTE, Downward Mom!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Max - 9 months

Dear Max,

Mama's been meaning to sit and type you this little love note now for over a week but it seems my free time keeps getting less and less these days. Now that you've started crawling and climbing and teething all at the same time, Mama has been busy pulling you down from the art easel, the crib rails and the door frames! Not to mention giving a few extra hugs and kisses when you bump your bean and that naughty old tooth starts bothering you!

We've discovered that ice cream takes any pain and discomfort you have away no matter the flavor and that if someone has some, they better be ready to share!

You prefer to be naked which really is no surprise considering who your brother is! Changing your diaper these days turns into a high speed chase every time which makes the poopy ones rather tricky!
One of your favorite places to be is in your crib! Mama would be ecstatic about this if it meant that you were sleeping through the night... unfortunately, instead of sleeping you'd rather be bouncing!
You are quite the little Max! Some of your favorite things right now are playing "Peek", dancing and clapping and trying new foods! You prefer to drink from a straw, to take several baths a day and you still HATE to ride in the car! You are starting to wave bye-bye and are still struggling to take longer than 20 minute naps... the riding and napping can change any day now, PLEASE!

You're growing so fast... slow down a bit would ya!
Until next month,
Love... Mama

Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures at the County Fair

There should be awards given at the County Fair to the parents of kids w/ exhibits!

And the Blue Ribbon goes to Amanda Welch for halter breaking her son's two month old heifer and working w/ it everyday for the past month. For spending an obscene amount of money on food and drinks even though she packed healthy lunches and snacks for her family everyday. For breastfeeding her 8 month old in the Dairy Barn, in a camping chair, in front of total strangers. And finally for braving the heat each and everyday to ensure that her 4 year old got to experience all that is offered at the County Fair!

In case you were wondering, yes, we will be back again next year because even though it is exhausting and stressful and HOT it is also a lot of fun! Here's a look back at our Adventures at the County Fair!

We started the week off by taking Jaxon's calf Rodeo to the fair grounds. He was more interested in playing in the dirt w/ his cousins Mackensi & Braylen!

He of course had to introduce Max to all of the animals and like last year,
the pigs were a BIG hit!

Once all the other kids arrived it was time to get busy and play in the dirt while their parents took care of their animals!

He did manage to spend a few moments away from the dirt to work w/ Rodeo preparing her for their BIG SHOW!

Here he is eating one of those healthy meals Mom bought! It's a tradition of ours to eat biscuits & gravy at least once while there!

Here's Rodeo's stall sign! I thought it was a little ridiculous that they asked for the species and then realized it was a "small animal exhibit" sign!

This big, green tractor was parked right next to the bathroom so we stopped to look it over every time we went!

Here are both the boys spending some quality time w/ Rodeo!

Max had enough quality time!

Jaxon thought he needed to spend a few moments more!

Jaxon washing Rodeo the night before their BIG SHOW!

Here's Max having a healthy snack... ice cream!

Jaxon thought this fishing game was one of the best parts about the fair!

Uncle Tony, Aunt Traci & Alivia came to watch his BIG SHOW... along w/ quite a few others to cheer him on!

Here he is ready to go in the ring!

Here he is heading in!

We asked him what the judge asked him... he couldn't remember!

Here they are after the show w/ the blue ribbon!

"We did it Rodeo!"

As a treat to the kids w/ dairy entries a local elevator funded a pizza party for them the day after their show... the parents got to go too!

Jaxon had to ride the school float so Mommy, Daddy & Max got to watch the parade all by ourselves! It was so hot that Max got to strip down to his diaper!

And of course Jaxon had to ride a few rides... here he is w/ his good buddy Joe,
on the swings!

Jaxon discovered that another one of his favorite things to do at the fair is to clean out stalls. Here he is cleaning out Rodeo's stall for the final time!

After a very long, very HOT week, Rodeo is happy to be back home again!

Jaxon promises that he'll be back to visit her again soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out this week! Thanks to Unlce Micah for helping us get Rodeo to and from the fair! Thanks to Grandma & Sam for watching Max those times when it was too hot for him to go along! And a special thanks to everyone who was able to come watch Jaxon in his BIG SHOW... he was really excited that you were all there to cheer him & Rodeo on!

To watch Jaxon & Rodeo in their BIG SHOW, check out our home movies!

Pet Peeve

If you were to ask Daddy what his number one pet peeve about Mommy was, he'd probably say that I can't say no to an orphaned animal! It's true, I do have a hard time saying no to an animal who needs a good home. I also have a hard time telling you kids no when it comes to bringing home new pets! And that's exactly what happened a week ago when Grandpa called to say that there was a baby kitty at the Dairy!

So "Patch" came home with us! The plan was to try and hide "Patch" in the basement from Daddy... the plan did not work! I buttered Daddy up real good though before hand, telling him how great it was for you kids to have a Daddy who allowed them to have pets and who helped to take care of those pets! The timing couldn't have been more perfect... he'd just finished knocking down a wasps nest in the bunny hutch!

"Patch" seems to be adjusting well and has 4 very loving new family members to help take care of him! He's got Daddy wrapped around his little paw!

Float On

Doesn't Jaxon look thrilled?! That's about how thrilled his Mama was when she found out she'd been volunteered to help put together the school's float!

He wasn't thrilled about wearing his sheep ears!

Or having to throw the candy for others to enjoy!

Or having to wait to ride the carnival rides because he had to ride the parade float!

Daddy had a good time though... he got to ride in the truck... which is where Jaxon really wanted to ride!

Grandpa the Great

We recently celebrated my Grandpa's, (Jaxon and Maddox's Great Grandpa or "Grandpa the Great" as Jaxon calls him), birthday. It was a really fun day for the Great Grandkids (pictured here), who got to spend the entire day playing together!
Alivia -1, Max - 8 months (on Grandpa the Great's lap), Braylen -1, Mackensi -4, & Jaxon- 4

Braylen & Max having some yummy ice cream!

Jaxon & Mackensi enjoying cake w/ their ice cream!

Max & Alivia played w/ Grandma's toys while the big kids went to see the baby calves!

Can't wait to get them all together again for another fun filled day of play!