Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Max - 9 months

Dear Max,

Mama's been meaning to sit and type you this little love note now for over a week but it seems my free time keeps getting less and less these days. Now that you've started crawling and climbing and teething all at the same time, Mama has been busy pulling you down from the art easel, the crib rails and the door frames! Not to mention giving a few extra hugs and kisses when you bump your bean and that naughty old tooth starts bothering you!

We've discovered that ice cream takes any pain and discomfort you have away no matter the flavor and that if someone has some, they better be ready to share!

You prefer to be naked which really is no surprise considering who your brother is! Changing your diaper these days turns into a high speed chase every time which makes the poopy ones rather tricky!
One of your favorite places to be is in your crib! Mama would be ecstatic about this if it meant that you were sleeping through the night... unfortunately, instead of sleeping you'd rather be bouncing!
You are quite the little Max! Some of your favorite things right now are playing "Peek", dancing and clapping and trying new foods! You prefer to drink from a straw, to take several baths a day and you still HATE to ride in the car! You are starting to wave bye-bye and are still struggling to take longer than 20 minute naps... the riding and napping can change any day now, PLEASE!

You're growing so fast... slow down a bit would ya!
Until next month,
Love... Mama

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