Sunday, July 31, 2011

Athlete's Eye

Modesty moved out out when the kids moved in! I can't even remember the last time I used the toilet w/out an audience, Max helps me get dressed at least 5 days a week and it seems the only time I can take a shower w/out a full house is after every one's gone to bed.

During Max's longer than normal nap this morning I decided it'd be a good chance to get a nice relaxing shower in, maybe even shave my long overdue, hairy legs. I managed to sneak into the bathroom unnoticed. Jaxon was downstairs playing w/ his trains when he apparently heard the water kick on. I got about half way through my hygiene maintenance session when Jaxon came barreling through the door, kitten in hand.

To set this up I first have to explain that Jaxon has had a bad case of athlete's foot off and on for about a year now. Just when I think we are getting it all healed up it flairs back up again and the poor kid wakes up begging for tough act'n Tinactin. (Tough act'n my butt!!!) Anyway, he came into the bathroom full of questions and like he always does, asks if I can please talk to "Patch", (he plays the voice of "Patch"... Patch is his kitten). I began asking "Patch" things like how he's liking his new digs, if the food's been up to snuff and if he enjoyed meeting some of Jaxon's friends at a BBQ we had the night before. "Patch" answers my questions and goes on to ask if I have athlete's foot. I explain that I don't, he responds w/, "That's cause you're a girl and only boys get athlete's foot."

"Patch" sounds rather proud of himself when he says this and as usual goes into the whole boys are better than girls routine! Being the smart ass Mommy that I am I say to "Patch", "Well Patch, you're a boy, do you have athlete's foot?"

"Patch" aka Jaxon: "No, I have athlete's eye!"

The shower curtain came in handy this morning... normally when Jaxon says things like this I don't have anything to hide my expression! Now on to explain why Jaxon seems to think that Patch has "athlete's eye". When we found Patch he was very tiny and like some baby kittens do, Patch had a wooky eye. We got some meds and it cleared up rather quickly. About 2 days ago the wooky eye started showing up again, hence the "athlete's eye"!

Leave it to Jaxon!

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