Monday, July 18, 2011

Adventures at the County Fair

There should be awards given at the County Fair to the parents of kids w/ exhibits!

And the Blue Ribbon goes to Amanda Welch for halter breaking her son's two month old heifer and working w/ it everyday for the past month. For spending an obscene amount of money on food and drinks even though she packed healthy lunches and snacks for her family everyday. For breastfeeding her 8 month old in the Dairy Barn, in a camping chair, in front of total strangers. And finally for braving the heat each and everyday to ensure that her 4 year old got to experience all that is offered at the County Fair!

In case you were wondering, yes, we will be back again next year because even though it is exhausting and stressful and HOT it is also a lot of fun! Here's a look back at our Adventures at the County Fair!

We started the week off by taking Jaxon's calf Rodeo to the fair grounds. He was more interested in playing in the dirt w/ his cousins Mackensi & Braylen!

He of course had to introduce Max to all of the animals and like last year,
the pigs were a BIG hit!

Once all the other kids arrived it was time to get busy and play in the dirt while their parents took care of their animals!

He did manage to spend a few moments away from the dirt to work w/ Rodeo preparing her for their BIG SHOW!

Here he is eating one of those healthy meals Mom bought! It's a tradition of ours to eat biscuits & gravy at least once while there!

Here's Rodeo's stall sign! I thought it was a little ridiculous that they asked for the species and then realized it was a "small animal exhibit" sign!

This big, green tractor was parked right next to the bathroom so we stopped to look it over every time we went!

Here are both the boys spending some quality time w/ Rodeo!

Max had enough quality time!

Jaxon thought he needed to spend a few moments more!

Jaxon washing Rodeo the night before their BIG SHOW!

Here's Max having a healthy snack... ice cream!

Jaxon thought this fishing game was one of the best parts about the fair!

Uncle Tony, Aunt Traci & Alivia came to watch his BIG SHOW... along w/ quite a few others to cheer him on!

Here he is ready to go in the ring!

Here he is heading in!

We asked him what the judge asked him... he couldn't remember!

Here they are after the show w/ the blue ribbon!

"We did it Rodeo!"

As a treat to the kids w/ dairy entries a local elevator funded a pizza party for them the day after their show... the parents got to go too!

Jaxon had to ride the school float so Mommy, Daddy & Max got to watch the parade all by ourselves! It was so hot that Max got to strip down to his diaper!

And of course Jaxon had to ride a few rides... here he is w/ his good buddy Joe,
on the swings!

Jaxon discovered that another one of his favorite things to do at the fair is to clean out stalls. Here he is cleaning out Rodeo's stall for the final time!

After a very long, very HOT week, Rodeo is happy to be back home again!

Jaxon promises that he'll be back to visit her again soon!

Thanks to everyone who helped us out this week! Thanks to Unlce Micah for helping us get Rodeo to and from the fair! Thanks to Grandma & Sam for watching Max those times when it was too hot for him to go along! And a special thanks to everyone who was able to come watch Jaxon in his BIG SHOW... he was really excited that you were all there to cheer him & Rodeo on!

To watch Jaxon & Rodeo in their BIG SHOW, check out our home movies!

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