Monday, July 18, 2011

Pet Peeve

If you were to ask Daddy what his number one pet peeve about Mommy was, he'd probably say that I can't say no to an orphaned animal! It's true, I do have a hard time saying no to an animal who needs a good home. I also have a hard time telling you kids no when it comes to bringing home new pets! And that's exactly what happened a week ago when Grandpa called to say that there was a baby kitty at the Dairy!

So "Patch" came home with us! The plan was to try and hide "Patch" in the basement from Daddy... the plan did not work! I buttered Daddy up real good though before hand, telling him how great it was for you kids to have a Daddy who allowed them to have pets and who helped to take care of those pets! The timing couldn't have been more perfect... he'd just finished knocking down a wasps nest in the bunny hutch!

"Patch" seems to be adjusting well and has 4 very loving new family members to help take care of him! He's got Daddy wrapped around his little paw!

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