Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Park Hop

We've been having perfect weather this week! So instead of sitting at home and doing what we always do, the boys and I decided to go on a "Park Hop"!

Our first stop took us to this spot which is very similar to a park that we frequent quite often. The big difference being that they had these crawly and bouncy deals that both boys thought were tons of fun!

Max & Mommy even went down the big slide a few times! 
Jaxon wanted to take a "family picture" at the first stop... so here we are!
This became a fun game!
Max really enjoyed the sand... guess he wasn't full from his snack because he decided to taste it too!
Jaxon claims he was "digging to China"!
Our next stop took us to what we all decided was the more "fun" park of the two! This spot is unlike any other park we've been to w/ lots of shade and more choices of things to do! Once again the boys really enjoyed the bouncy rides that this park offered too... especially since one of them was a plane!

Here they are on the plane!
Max loved the baby swing selection!
We of course had to ride the cow swing! 
Jaxon really enjoyed to equipment here! There were lots of places to climb and slide!
Max of course loved tasting the tire bits!
Of course we have a lot of fun at home too! Here's Max in the sandbox at home!
We spent the rest of our day after our "Park Hop" at home in the sandbox,
enjoying what's left of the perfect weather!
And just like everywhere else, Max taste tested the sand in the sandbox! YUCK!!!

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Jenna said...

Wow! You're lucky to have so many parks! When your son gets to China, tell him to say hello to my brother who is over there right now!