Sunday, November 22, 2009

Little House on the Snow-Covered Prarie

Waking up to an unexpected snow Monday morning was not exactly the way I had planned to start my week! At first, (I have to admit), I was a little excited... after all, it was our first this fall/winter season! Jaxon slept in that morning till about 7:30 and for the first time since Christmas Day of last year, I wanted to wake him! When he finally woke up, he of course wanted to get right out there and build a snowman... little did I know at that point how perfect the snow was for just that!

Right before we headed out that morning, we lost power... no big deal, it happens a lot! On my way to town the roads seemed fine and after a short delay we continued on our way to my Mom and Dad's. I was beginning to wonder on my way there whether or not I'd be able to make it home that night... the snow was falling so fast and there seemed to be an endless amount of it! Upon arrival, I learned that Sam had gone to school so how bad could it really be?! My sister-in-law was on her way over too, (they had lost power about the same time we had.) All morning the snow continued to fly, school got canceled and Kent called to inform me that at noon we still had no power. Huh?! Oh well, Mom still had juice and it was nice and warm there! About an hour later things began to change!

We lost power at about 1pm there and ended up having a giant Meier/Welch family slumber party! We all thought for sure that by the next day everyone would have power again and things would go back to normal... we were all very wrong!

Kent and I have a well, which (pardon my pun), is all good and well... (that is until you lose power!) With 36 calves to water we had to come up with a way to make sure they had what they needed and fast! We ended up collecting water from our downspouts for the first 3 days. That worked, but by Thursday we were becoming concerned that we may run out. Between the water we needed for them, the toilet flushing and the small amount we were able to use for personal hygiene... we knew that if we were going to be w/out over the weekend, the water would be gone! We resorted to having them go back to the dairy for a few days... very sad!

With no power and no running water the moral at our house was down! We were all having trouble sleeping at night and smelled as though we were homeless! We were able to stay somewhat warm at night thanks to our wood burning stove but were too exhausted most nights to keep wood on and ended up waking up to a very cold house!

Our power finally came back on Friday night only to lose it again 8:30 Saturday morning! Thankfully by noon, the power was back on and we had a phone again! YAY! (Did I forget to mention that when our power came back on our phone, Internet and cable went out?!) Anyway, things are back to normal and even though it was ruff, things could have been much worse! Jaxon was a trooper throughout the entire ordeal and even though he was battling a terrible cold he still managed to remain his happy little self... most of the time!

Appreciate the little things in life... being able to flush your toilet is truly a blessing!

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Suzy Shoup said...

This post makes me really appreciate the convenience of my "big city" life, but at the same time, miss all those little things that are cool about small towns and family being so close (I hold out hope that mine will be again one day) Thanks for the reminders of all that is great in my life now and all that I come from that made me who I am! :)