Sunday, November 8, 2009

Farmer at Heart

Few things in life excite our child more than one of these "big, green monsters"! We have been waiting in anticipation for the harvesting of this bean field since earlier this summer. Jaxon's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree upon discovering this beast in our backyard! He had a hard time focusing for the first few minutes and I had an even harder time getting him to eat his lunch! As we sat on our back steps enjoying our cheese pizza and the sights and sounds of the combines running, I couldn't help but think of how lucky we are to have this kind of simple entertainment at our disposal. As the afternoon went on, we scoured our 5 small acres for the best spot to watch. Jaxon has spent lots of time perched upon these red rocks so it was no surprise to me when he drug me out to join him. He was a bit distracted by the traffic going up and down our road... at the moment I shot this picture, there was another big, green combine headed out to the fields.
We were thankful to wake up this morning to dry ground... now if only it can stay that way to allow the farmers to get their crops out of the fields. Jaxon and I miss Daddy on those long days away at work and this weekend was no exception. Thankfully we had Grandpa around to keep us company on Saturday. We spent the day moving calves and bales... (this is another one of those exciting moments in our child's life!) And even though he has been begging for the past 2 days to go w/ his Grandpa, (I know deep down it's not because he wants to be away from Mommy)... he's a farmer at heart!

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Suzy Shoup said...

So cute! I do miss seeing those country sites at times and wonder if my Jackson will even know what a combine is. :)