Sunday, November 1, 2009

Costume Creation

Costumes, up until this year, have been pretty easy for me to find! The first year we were given a costume as a gift from Jaxon's Papa & Grandma Welch, that year he went as Superman. The next year my Mom came across a really cute farmer costume and last year he went as a football player.

This year, Jaxon was very admit about being a certain carnivore from the Jurassic period... Buddy (the t-rex) from PBS's new cartoon, Dinosaur Train! After discovering there were no premade costumes and that I would have to come up with this on my own, I began searching through his closet for an all orange outfit. Since I am no seamstress, I knew I would more than likely need to go another route and by another route I mean construction paper and duct tape! It turned out to be a pretty inexpensive costume, I paid $6.50 total and that was because I ended up buying the orange hat!

I am pretty proud of what I was able to come up with and even though no one else knew who he was supposed to be, he did and that's what matters most!


Suzy Shoup said...

So cute! Again, I so wish I had your artistic ability! (and did your hubby go to A&M? Did you marry a Texas boy too?)

Amanda said...

I did marry a Texas boy too, he's from the Dallas/Fort Worth area! He didn't go to A&M but after their loss to State this year, he felt a strong need to show his support for his roots!