Friday, October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween Prep

I love carving pumpkins so I was really excited this week to finally get the chance to do so. My plan was to do our carving outside this year to hopefully cut down on mess... the weather had other plans! Oh well, we had a great time, mess and all! Jaxon was given three designs to pick from... a ghost, some bats or the creepy spider. After all his excitement this year over ghosts (or boos, as he calls them), I thought for sure that would have been his pick! He proved me wrong when he pointed to the creepy spider with no hesitation! His reasoning behind his pick... "Daddy's scared of spiders!"

We had a fun day of Pre-Halloween Prep. After picking treats for the cousins, we put together their bags and delivered them as far as their Daddy's work. We made Orange Jell-O Popcorn Balls and a few batches of fun pumpkin and scary cat cookies. Tomorrow we will tackle a recipe for some pumpkin cookies that actually have pumpkin in them... the others were brought to us by our good friends at Pillsbury!

Jaxon is really excited about getting to go Trick or Treating for the first time with his Dad... his Dad is pretty excited too! His costume is done and as long as rain stays out of the forecast, we should be good to go! I haven't let him try it on yet since it's constructed of mainly paper and duct tape! Who knows, maybe Henson/PBS will see my pics online and hire me to mass produce my "Buddy the T-Rex" from Dinosaur Train! (Yeah right!!!)

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