Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mice in my Pants

We have a busy week ahead... the birthday party is a week from today! There won't be much time for my new favorite past time so I thought I should add this tale before I forget.

Jaxon and I had to make a quick Wally World trip on Saturday for a few last minute party details. While there, we took a stroll down the toy aisle a few hundred times in search of the perfect gift. After much searching we decided on a few items and headed towards the Halloween aisles. We started down aisle one of the Halloween section - Party Supplies. Jaxon quickly decided that he must get out of the cart to have a closer look at something. I was busy going over my list when I look up to see him putting something in our cart.

He had found and insisted that I buy him a package of about 30, small, gray, (and yes, you guessed it) "rubbery" rats! (I am starting to think that he has some sort of gravitational pull to these creepy crawlers!) When it came time to check out the clerk looked at me as though I was clinically insane when I requested that she leave the rubbery vermin out, so that we might play w/ them on the way home!

All 30 "mices" joined us at Donald's for a hamburger... luckily he had to bring his "murse" that day so I didn't actually have to carry all 30 of the rubbery creatures in my hands. The older couple sitting at the next table over from us probably got up half way through their meal not because they "had to get back on the road", but because Jaxon's new found friends were perched upon his hamburger (in a most disgusting sight I might add)!

I told Jaxon when it came time for bed last night that those "mices" were not sleeping in Mommy's bed so he would need to put them up until morning. Guess who woke up this morning w/ a rubber rat in the leg of her pj's?!


Suzy Shoup said...

I'm not sure which part is funnier - the whole story about the mice or the fact that Jaxon has a "murse"! :)

Amanda said...

It's a Superman lunchbag BUT he has been carrying the damn thing everywhere! When we were at "Donald's", a little boy said to his Dad, "why does he have a bag Dad?" I wanted to correct him and tell him it was a "murse" but I decided against any confrontation in "Donald's" just this once!