Friday, October 16, 2009

Santa Questions

Jaxon: "Mommy, when Santa comes, can he stay at we're house?" (He says we're instead of our.)
Me: "Probably not! He has a lot of other kids to visit."
Jaxon: "Who?"
Me: "Mackensi & Braylen and lots of others too!"
Jaxon: "Why?"
Me: "Because when you're good he brings presents!"
Jaxon: "Oh... am I good?"
Me: "Sometimes. He's always watching so you better try real hard to be good all the time!"
Jaxon: "Mom, I won't poop in my pants!"
Me: "That's a good start!"

Jaxon: "Does Santa like to eat Ronni's & Cheese?"
Me: "I bet he does, but I know he really likes milk & cookies!"
Jaxon: "Oh! Can we make him some?"
Me: "Sure... but we need to wait a few months. He won't be here for awhile & we don't want his cookies to get yucky."
Jaxon: "OK!"

Jaxon: "Mom, is Santa black?"
Me: "What?!"
Jaxon: "Is Santa black?"
Me: "Well, I'm not sure! I've never met him in real life. The one that we go see in Clay Center is white, but the real Santa could be Chinese, Hispanic, or African American... I'm not too sure!"

Jaxon asked me the other day if I had any more presents for him to open now that his birthday is over. I responded w/, "you'll have to wait till Christmas." That opened a whole new can of beans! These questions were all asked this week but the day he questioned me on Santa's ethnicity he colored his arm with a black permanent marker! I guess he wasn't convinced that I knew what I was talking about! Either that, or he was just being a typical little boy!


Suzy Shoup said...

So cute! As much as I fear some conversations, those are the ones that make it all worthwhile, right?! :)

Amanda said...

Totally! I'm open to answering anything at this point... it's the later questions that worry me a bit too!