Friday, October 23, 2009

Indoor Art

If there's one thing that my child might actually be prepared for when he starts school, it's art projects! Now that my Planes, Trains and Trucks mural has been done for about a month we took a brief break from the paint brush and focused more attention on catching up on a few good books instead! Since my Hubby is a weather fanatic (lunatic) I pretty much know sometimes a week in advance how to prepare... inside or outside activities!
On Monday morning we took an hour to scour our yard for fallen leaves to use in a leaf rubbing activity I had planned for Wednesday. Jaxon really got into the collecting part... the rubbing part, well let's just say, he would have rather used some "blueberries" (a.k.a. some purple, weed berries he found while scouring), than the boring, old leaves! Anyhow, I did manage to get his attention long enough to create the piece pictured below!
And after much deliberation, Jaxon won the "I want to cut w/ scissors" battle we have been having for the past couple weeks! Now I know what you're thinking... but he actually is doing a wonderful job! And even though I have to sit there through every, little, sniplet... watching his tiny fingers grasp that little pair of scissors is awful cute! And you can't have scissors w/out glue! So I gave in and let him use a little glue too!
It was finally time for the final activity of the day indoors... the pumpkin painting! The pictures that follow pretty much explain themselves! Finger painting isn't just for paper... pumpkins work too! Needless to say, this was our final art activity for the week!


Suzy Shoup said...

I fear I would be no good at that part of being a mom - Long division - no problem - I love math, but I'm not so good at art! :)

Amanda said...

I will call you when we get to Math problems... I'm no good at that stuff!