Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gone w/ the Wind

In keeping with the theme of the week... Shaving Cream Dreams, and to pass the time on an overly windy day, I allowed Jaxon to have some fun cleaning my coffee table. If I have learned anything from P.A.T. it's that shaving cream cleans a surface like nobody's business!

We also spent some time baking (which w/ Jaxon's help is always an experience)! The boy loves flour and if you are looking for birthday gift ideas... you might as well save your cash and give the gift of flour! Seriously, he would spend hours on my countertop stirring! Last time we baked he got ahold of my flour canister and spice racks, he had the best time... I can't use whatever he came up w/ and need to just throw it out but I baked a cake and cleaned up my basement in the time he spent "cooking"!

The highlight of his windy day though was riding in the "poop truck" w/ Grandpa! He would spend days with that man and probably not even miss me! After my Dad called to see if Jaxon would want to ride along while he and my brother picked up bales, I asked Jaxon if he'd rather go w/ Grandpa or stay w/ Mommy... guess what his answer was! I've never seen the boy move so fast!

He filled his backpack w/ snacks and toys as though he was moving out, carefully picking those "special" toys of the day! He grabbed his "way too small" beanie (which basically only covers the top of his dome now and his strategically packed bag and was out the door before I even had a chance to change Kingston's diaper (the little guy I babysit).

On the way over to the farm Jaxon asked why Kingston had to come along. I explained to him that he would get scared if Mommy left him alone and that he wouldn't be going in the "poop truck", he'd be coming back home w/ Mommy to watch Oprah! With a small sigh of relief we continued on our way. Upon arrival, he jumped out of the car, ran over to the truck, hopped in and was gone w/ the wind and a tiny wave!
After Kingston went home Dad called to see if I could come out and help for awhile. When I got out to the field in "Tony's Truck" I figured Jaxon would want to come ride with me for awhile so I went over to the semi where I could see his little, blonde head bobbing around. I opened the door, he seemed happy to see me, but he quickly escorted me back to my "little" truck and told me to stay there! I've never felt so loved!!!

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Suzy Shoup said...

Shaving cream cleans, huh? I'll have to remember that. I'm on a money saving mission lately and actually just finished making the Duggar family recipe for laundry detergent.

I fear the day my Jackson doesn't want to spend time with me (although I'm glad he's well socialized already and loves his daycare ladies and pretty much everyone he meets - like his dad he's never met a stranger)