Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

We sold our second batch of calves this weekend... it's always really sad for me to say good-bye! I sort of see them as pets and after watching Jaxon read books to them (when they first came), it makes their leaving even more bittersweet! Thankfully we were able to bring a new group over the same day as the others were sold so I wouldn't have to suffer from the feelings of an empty nest.
The upside of the sale was that we were able to let Dinkee & Furbee loose with the new, smaller group so they are able to mingle with new friends! Jaxon continues to name those that have been with us the longest. We have grown quite fond of a steer we call SpiderCalf or Spider (due to his inability to walk on all fours all of the time) and a female w/ a hip problem that we call Mama (Jaxon seems to think that she is the mother to all of the smaller calves)... the day they go is the one I dread the most! Jaxon will never be told who we are eating for lunch in those days following their disappearance!
The vet came out earlier this morning to check one of our newbies... Jaxon thought that was really cool! He was really curious about what they were doing and asked lots of questions after they left. His concern for that little animal made me think... maybe one day he'll want to be a vet! That would make this Mama really proud!

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