Monday, October 26, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

I have only one child to raise but I feel sometimes like I live with two! And while I tend to spend most of my time writing about my adventures with Jaxon... I have a few w/ my other child (at heart) too! My husband has never been real good with electrical issues and why I thought this time might be different is beyond me!

Anytime we have an opportunity to work on home improvements, there always seems to be hurdles to overcome! This time was no different! With time change right around the corner we felt there was a need to add a few more lights outside to keep us safe while feeding our calves in the dark. We also thought it might be nice to add a motion sensored light to our back porch since we are always forgetting to leave a light on when we know we'll be returning in the dark.

Changing light bulbs went smoothly (even though the ladder we were using had a broken leg)!Kent's quick fix: random pieces of wood found on the ground (real sturdy)! Oh yeah, and me of course, to hold the ladder in case it decided to move on us! There are times in a wife's life when she knows to keep her mouth shut and yet I couldn't resist the urge to ask (while he was on the rickety ladder), "and what am I to do if the ladder decides to shift a bit?!" He didn't have a response for that one, just an under the breath sort of grumble!

Moving on, we next attempted to tackle the removal of an already existing porch light... no problems there! He was successful in wiring and mounting the motion light (at least we thought). Now we were ready to try out our new lights! Upon opening the boxes in which our bulbs were in, Kent discovered that attention to detail is of great importance... we had one red light and one green light!

Working together has never been real easy for the two of us when it comes to things that men are just naturally supposed to do better than women! And after much frustration with the ladder and various other things, I made the call to just try the lights out to make sure he had it wired correctly. After all, the bulbs could be exchanged! He went back inside, flipped the breaker and all I hear is a somewhat loud popping sound... I think I forgot to mention earlier that the back porch light and my kitchen light are on the same line!

After a much needed break on both of our ends and a call to my Dad for some advice regarding electrical tape, the lights are all working again! But I felt that "Santa's Little Helper" (let's call him, shall we?!), needed a reminder everyday that paying attention to the small details of life is of the utmost importance! After the holiday season the bulbs will be switched out but for now "fa la la, la la, la la, la, la"!


Suzy Shoup said...

This is too funny! (I suppose me marrying a city boy helps this - Joey will gladly call someone to do what he has no clue how...although his firned Don is very handy and managed to help/teach Joey with doing some slate tile in our entryway).

Amanda said...

My city boy is still adjusting to certain aspects of our country lifestyle... electrical work being one of them!