Monday, October 12, 2009

Party Time

Jaxon: "Is it Party Time yet Mommy?!"
Me: "Not yet... gotta wait a few more hours!"

The party was great! Jaxon had a wonderful time and so did we! After 10 months of planning and prepping, three hours went by too fast but once again, it was very much worth it! Timing this year was not on our side unfortunately! We all caught the flu earlier in the week and lost a day of decorating but managed to pull it off with a little help. Some friends weren't able to come due to illnesses and then of course the weather deterred some family from traveling.

My brother and sister-in-law had their new baby last Wednesday so I lost focus for a day or two but managed to stay off FaceBook long enough to finish my cake just in time! (We missed you at the party Ranai but understand... you had a good excuse! Now next year we'll have to toss a coin to decide who gets what weekend for their parties since Braylen's birthday is two days before Jaxon's!) What a special gift... a friend for life!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this a special day for Jaxon... we love you all!

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