Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Dots

Every once in awhile my child says something to me that makes me laugh out loud when I probably shouldn't... this was one of those times!

We do a lot of counting throughout the day. We count things like tires on Matchbox cars, the pepperonis were putting on homemade pizzas, letters we pull out of the mailbox... you get the idea!

As I was taking dishes out of the dishwasher today I heard Jaxon doing some counting in the dining room. I really wasn't giving it much thought until I began praising him for his efforts. As I made my way around the island in our kitchen I began to ask what it was he was counting. There on the dining room floor was Jaxon underneath our little dog CoCo. "I'm counting CoCo's dots Mom, she have lots of 'em." Dots, are Jaxon's term for nipples!

Oh well... I guess at least it was an educating experience! He then went on to ask me what CoCo used her dots for! That lesson will be for another day!

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