Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Over "Snow Day"

I now know why my Mom would cringe every time a "snow day" was announced! Seriously, I have had enough quality time w/ my son! And if that wasn't bad enough... I have to put up with my husband's lazy a** lounging around too! I have done more cleaning in the past two days than I have in months and my house continues to look as though a hurricane passed through instead of a blizzard! I can't stay out of the fridge! And I still haven't changed out of my pjams today... after all, who's going to see me anyway?!

To add to my frustration, I started a batch of sugar cookies yesterday that just won't roll out! I'm not sure why I even attempt these sort of activities! Even though I can't stand Martha Stewart, I love her ability to make everything look so easy and pretty! Why can't it be that easy?!
Jaxon loves to help... he's quite the little chef! Here are a few pictures from yesterday's two attempts at rolling out that sticky mess!

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