Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where My Adventure Began

Four years ago... this is where my Adventures in Motherhood began!Jaxon was born at St. Elizabeth's Regional Medical Center, a catholic hospital in Lincoln, NE. Every time a baby is born, the hospital plays a recording over the loud speaker of a tiny bell ringing... this was one of my fondest memories of his birth! Jaxon shares his birthday with his Great Grandpa Miller! I remember Grandpa telling me that I should try extra hard to make sure he was born on the 9th... wish granted! No one can prepare you for the feeling of becoming a Mommy! I read all the books, took all the classes and researched all the baby gear... never once did any of that information say to be prepared for the greatest joy life can bring you! I guess it's hard to prepare oneself for that!
The past four years have been amazing and as we celebrate Jaxon's last birthday as our only child, I can only imagine what great adventures the future will bring us!
Happy Birthday, Jaxon!

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Ann said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Talked to your Mom yesterday Mandy!! We are thinking of you too!!!