Monday, April 18, 2011

April Kindle Pick

The question of whether or not animals have souls, was brought up last night during supper w/ my family. For anyone who has ever loved an animal, how could they believe otherwise?! My Dad claims they do not... I personally disagree w/ this! And after a lifetime of being around animals, it's hard for me to understand how he could think such a thing.

Maybe Dad needs to read my Kindle Pick for the month of April... Water For Elephants, I bet Rosie (the Elephant in the story) would change his mind!

After several months of reading non-fiction, I decided to go back to what I love best... contemporary fiction! I normally don't reread books but when I found out that Water for Elephants was being brought to the big screen, I had to go back and enjoy it a second time. I recommend it very highly to anyone, who at any point in their lives, has loved an animal. It's also a great love story and a fascinating look into circus life in the 1930's.

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