Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tiny Clothes All In A Row

After burying myself in boxes, totes and bags of clothes for the past two days organizing everything into sizes and seasons, here is the end result... tiny clothes all in a row! I had really planned on waiting to wash the newborn to six month variety, but couldn't help myself.

I had forgotten all about some of the sweet, little duds from when Jaxon was a baby. It was fun showing him the outfit he was brought home from the hospital in, and the outfit Daddy picked for him to have his picture taken in at the hospital. We held some of the sleepers up to him and decided they probably weren't going to fit anymore. And he tried on a few of the tiny hats that once fit on his head.

Jaxon asked me if I thought the "baby" would like his clothes and said that he would be happy to share them w/ "him" since they no longer fit. Now the hunt begins for the perfect "Big Brother" / "Little Brother" shirts for my boys to wear when they meet for the first time!


Ann said...

Love it!!! Aren't the soo cute and look so tiny!! Even the stuff Dylan wore last summer looks so small!!!

Craftysaur said...

I know! I can't believe that when we do our school shopping in a few weeks I'll be shopping in the "little boys" section! 3T's look small to me now!!!