Thursday, August 5, 2010

Name Calling

I've asked Jaxon countless times what we should name the baby only to hear that he'd like to name Baby after himself! I've tried to explain to him that Jaxon is his special name and that he wouldn't want to share it w/ his little brother, after all, he'll have to share everything else!

Recently we've been throwing a name around that we are pretty sure will be Baby's name. Jaxon has told me that he likes it but thinks that "Jaxon" is a better choice! I guess at least we know he likes his name!

I asked again this morning, "Jaxon, what should we name the baby?" And for the first time he responded w/ "------" (The name we've been throwing around!) Excitedly I asked, "What about his middle name, what should it be?" He asked what his middle name was and I told him Kent, after Daddy. I then said, "Blank What Welch". He looked at me sort of puzzled and said, "Mommy, "What isn't a very good name!"

I guess we'll just keep it simple and ask for first name suggestions from here on out!

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