Monday, August 30, 2010

Jaxon's 1st Day of PreSchool

I asked myself first thing this morning, while fixing blueberry pancakes... "where have the last four years gone?" As excited as I was to send Jaxon off for his first day of PreSchool, I was also a little sad. Mommy's little boy is quickly turning into Mommy's big boy!
He picked out his outfit, dressed himself, brushed his teeth (w/ a little help), ate his breakfast, grabbed his backpack and posed for a few pictures. I was told my limit was two... pictures, that is! "I don't want to be late, Mom!" As we walked out to the car I got a little misty but managed to hold it in until I left the school parking lot.
On the way to school we discussed what they might do on his first day, who would be in his class, what they might have for snack and the usual, "be nice, use your manners and listen to teacher" speech! When we arrived, I managed to talk him into a few more pictures before heading inside. He got really excited when he saw the bus and told me how he and Aunt Sam were going to ride it together... too bad Aunt Sam doesn't go to Linn Lutheran anymore and can now drive herself to school!
As we walked into his classroom, he was greeted by his teacher and immediately discarded his bookbag onto the floor. He raced right over to the train table he's been raving about since his PreSchool Visit in May and began ignoring his mother w/out hesitation... I thought that wasn't supposed to happen for a few more years!

He was totally at home and had no worries about me leaving. I kissed him good-bye and made my way back out to the car, images flashing through my head of the day we brought him home from the hospital. (That's when I lost it!)
When I went to pick him up, he was the first one out the door, (not to greet his Mom but to play on the playground!) Mrs. Amy, his teacher, had a talk w/ him about opening the door by himself... she's the only one allowed to open it. And then Mom had a talk w/ him on the way home about listening to his teacher!
He asked to play for a few more minutes on the playground, I agreed to a few minutes and when time was up, I of course drug him off reassuring him that he'd get to go back on Wednesday! He didn't have much to say on the way home, he was tired and about fell asleep. He helped make lunch when we got back. We had his favorites, Mac n' Cheese, corn and grapes and he filled us in about his day.
From what he can remember... they sang a song about Jesus, read a book about a bear, had Cheerios and chocolate milk for snack and played in the sandbox on the playground. He informed us that he loves the train table and got a yellow bear instead of a green one, he was really glad he didn't get a pink one! Not too sure what that all means, but in a nutshell, he had a "great day and can't wait to go back!"
And as for Mommy, I'll be fine! I forgot how good a little "me time" feels and look forward to Wednesday almost as much as Jaxon!

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