Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mommy Blogging

Every month I look forward to one little piece of mail, one of which can brighten my day in a stack of bills! Every month that piece of mail is Parenting magazine! In their September issue I was delighted to see an article devoted solely to "Mommy Blogging". And while I will admit that I don't always read every article, this one left me wishing for more to read!

One blogger imparticular had me laughing and crying all in the same post. Her honest words gave me hope and made me feel as though I am not alone in this sometimes lonely job of staying home to raise my kids. Her son, who she writes about frequently, reminds me so much of my own. And w/ a quote this classic, you'll understand why!

"My mom had my sister... and her penis falled off!"

Eve Kuckuck, the writer of a blog called Impersonating Normal, makes a mental note to re-explain the difference between a penis and an umbilical cord! To read the rest of her hilarious story check out her blog, it's a good read!

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Eve said...

Amanda, thanks so much for visiting my blog and posting a link here! I was laughing at your lo's term 'doodlebop' word for penis. The long version of the story I wrote for Parenting is that Sam had to have a minor surgery on his penis this spring, and thus talked about penises to EVERYONE. He even called the pediatric urologist "Dr. Penis"!