Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I Missed While Being Schooled By Nick Jr.

I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of getting Jaxon ready for preschool. I've always tried my best to create an environment where we are not only having fun but learning as well. And while there are some areas which could use some improvement, I always felt as though we were on the right track. That is until last week when I received the paperwork I was to fill out for the health department!

Upon setting up an appointment for Jaxon to have his school physical done, I was under the impression that we'd go in, get weighed and measured, have his eyes and ears checked and be on our way. But after receiving the paperwork in the mail, I had a feeling there might be a little more involved!

It started out pretty simple. I was to ask him questions such as, "What's your first name?", "Where do you live?", "How old are you?", etc. But by the time I got to the end of the "simple questions"... I was asking, "What's your phone number?"! I don't know about you other moms out there, but teaching my child any phone number is dangerous business! And while I understand the necessary reasons for him knowing that type of information, I don't think that at 3, teaching a phone number would be real easy! And if he knows his own, of course he's going to want to know Grandma's too... that's when it gets dangerous!!!

As I made my way through the rest of the paperwork, I started doubting my ability as a SAHM(Stay At Home Mom). This whole time, should I have been spending less time perfecting the ArtBoard and more time teaching the importance of the stick figure? I mean really... do any of you have a child (3 years or less) that can draw a stick person w/ a face that includes eyes, nose and a mouth?!

As it turns out, his scores ended up being good except in the "fine motor skills" category or the "draw a stick figure" category (as I like to call it)! Never once did they ask if he knew his ABC's or if he could count to ten and or up. They weren't concerned with whether or not he could sing any songs or knew any colors. I need to do better research w/ Baby #2 but I still feel confident that Jaxon will do beautifully in school. I guess it goes to show that Nick Jr. can't totally prepare your young ones for his/her preschool experience!

After all, Moose A. Moose forgot to mention that there'd be a shot at the end of the physical!!! And that ended up being more traumatic to this SAHM then any stupid skills test!

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