Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday's w/ Mommy ~ Coffee Bear Art Project

After a very exciting Monday and first day of PreSchool, Tuesday seemed a little drab. Jaxon was really disappointed to not be going to school and let me know it all day long! Since it was so hot again there wasn't much desire on either of our parts to spend anytime outside, which meant Mommy needed to have her game face on when it came to entertaining.

In an effort to buff up Jaxon's ArtBoard a bit, I began doing some research on a few new projects to fit w/ the theme at school, "Hungry Bears". Jaxon loves using glue and wanted to try out his new bottle that he picked out while school shopping, so this seemed like the perfect project.

You will need...

  • Construction Paper (any color)
  • Dry Coffee Grounds
  • Marker, Crayon, Pencil, Pen (whatever you choose is fine)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush

Start by having your child dump a scoop or less of dry coffee grounds into a bowl and set to the side.

Next, have your child draw a picture of a bear w/ his/her marker, crayon, pencil or pen.

When they have finished their drawing, have them fill in their bear with drops of glue.

After they have applied the drops of glue, ask them to spread the drops around with a paintbrush.

When they are done spreading the glue around, have them sprinkle the dry coffee grounds all over their bear, making sure to cover every bit of glue.
After they've finished covering their bears in grounds, discard the extra into a trashcan or Zip Lock bag for next time.

Jaxon decided to call his finished product, Coffee Bear!

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Ann said...

Great idea!!! I love it!!!