Monday, September 20, 2010

Reflections of Motherhood

One of my FaceBook friends and fellow bloggers, Holly, posted a link to a site called GodTube earlier this evening that I found to be really cool! Like YouTube, GodTube has videos of all sorts, all of which have a Christian message. The video Holly linked to FaceBook led me to find this video called Reflections of Motherhood. The mothers featured in the video were asked to write something on a card that they would have liked to have told themselves, before their first child was born.

Looking back, the only advice I could have given myself at that time was this...

RELAX! Remember no one's perfect, including your child! Take in every moment, they go by way too fast! Take time to appreciate your spouse for all of his good qualities, they are about to really shine through! Remember that one day you will sleep at night again, longing to be kept awake by another tiny, crying baby!

What advice would you give yourself?

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