Monday, September 13, 2010

Jaxon's ArtBoard ~ Back to School w/ Bears

Jaxon's PreSchool class just finished up their theme "Hungry Bears", last Thursday. Here is a rundown of their first two weeks taken from their PreSchool FaceBook page! (These are all quotes from Jaxon's teacher, Mrs. Amy!)

"Hooray for the First Day! We had a great time in preschool today starting to learn about BEARS. We sang the Gummy Bear song "Down at the candy store, what did I see, 5 little gummy bears smiling at me, along came Jaxon with a penny one day, he bought the green one and he took it away". We work on our counting and color recognition with this fun song!" ~ Mrs. Amy

"Today in preschool we made our first class book, Preschooler, Preschooler, Who Do You See? The book is making the rounds home with the kids, so when it comes to your house please enjoy it with your child, then return it to preschool for the next family. We also went "On a Bear Hunt", pretending to climb trees, swim rivers, and tiptoe into the bear's cave." ~ Mrs. Amy

"Today in preschool we wrote in our journals for the first time, working on our small motor skills with pencils and crayons. We also played Winnie the Pooh Memory, and tried to remember where the pictures were hidden. In Jesus Time, we prayed to say thanks for our favorite animals. Cody is partial to dogs, Andrew and... Jaxon like frogs, Riana likes elephants, Aiden's favorite are cheetahs, and Ethan likes kitties." ~ Mrs. Amy

"Today in preschool we cut out bears and gave them some good smelling fur, coffee grounds! We ate gummy bears for snack, and if we counted our bears for Mrs. Amy, we got some more. Mrs. Amy read us Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, and we sorted the 3 Bears items into Small, Medium, and Large sizes. We also went to Chapel... for the first time, Baptismal Remembrance chapel, and the preschoolers were excellent listeners!" ~ Mrs. Amy

A BIG thanks goes out to Mrs. Amy for sharing what their class did on those first few days! Here at home we continued w/ the "Hungry Bears" theme by cutting out pictures of bears from magazines, creating our "coffee bears", reading books about bears and painting pictures of bears using our homemade watercolors.
This is a picture Jaxon drew of his teddy bear that he brought from home on Thursday. The class finished up their theme w/ a special "Teddy Bear Day". Jaxon's bear apparently has two noses and wears glasses according to his picture... what a wild imagination he has!

Today they start w/ their "Farm" theme. When I dropped him off this morning he was headed straight for the "corn cob" sensory table... can't wait to hear all about what they learned today!

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