Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Photos ~ This Week @ PreSchool

Jaxon's PreSchool has a FaceBook page where his teacher can write about their day, communicate with us parents and upload pictures. I love this because I am an avid FaceBooker and don't always get a whole lot of detail from Jaxon about what he and his class did while at school!
These are a few of the pictures shared this week on their PreSchool page! This is a picture that was taken last week of Jaxon with his entire school. It's kinda small, but he's on the first row, second from the left. (He has his eyes closed!)
Here is a picture of Jaxon with one of his favorite PreSchool playmates, Ethan. They were mixing up a bowl of chocolate pudding for a painting activity. Jaxon sampling some of the paint (or chocolate pudding)! Yesterday, Jaxon's class had Teddy Bear Day where they were all asked to bring a teddy bear from home. Here are some of the kids with their bears. (Jaxon is the last in line.)

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Carrie Schreiber said...

I love the picture of him sampling the "paint"! Looks like he is having so much fun at preschool!