Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mystery Bag

Jaxon came home from PreSchool yesterday again w/ another fun, little project! He proudly bounced up the stairs from his classroom, Mystery Bag in tow. He made sure to announce to me that he had been chosen to take home the special bag.

When we got home, he was on a mission to fill that bag, but Mommy being a little slow, had to read the instructions first! Inside the canvas bag was a paper lunch sack. On the outside of the paper sack, the word "Green" was written. His duty was to find items to place in the lunch bag that were "Green". He had the option of choosing a color, shape or number... I wasn't surprised that he chose a color or that the color he chose was green!

The only rules were that the items chosen had to all fit in the Mystery Bag and none of the objects could be live objects! I naturally assumed that he would head straight to the toy box and choose his big green tractor, but I was wrong! In fact, he didn't choose a tractor at all! I asked if he'd like to make a scavenger hunt out of the project and he thought that sounded like a good idea. So out we went in search of green objects!

He spotted something almost immediately that caught his eye. He headed straight for the tree in our backyard that we pick leaves from to feed to the bunnies and calves. He wanted to pick the green leaf himself, so he did like he always does, and started to climb the tree.

Successfully, he was able to reach the particular leaf he was after and was very proud to show it off! We continued on our scavenger hunt but the only other green object he showed any interest in, was of course a live object! He wanted to take the live object but after explaining the rules again, he settled on taking his rubbery grasshopper, "Grassy", instead!

We continued our scavenger hunt inside where he also chose his green boat, his green Percy the train and his green rubbery alligator "Chilly". He was so excited to show his friends his green objects!

When Daddy came home from work, we had to do a "practice showing". He was most excited about sharing the story of our scavenger hunt and the green leaf he had picked from the tree.
Jaxon was up bright and early this morning ready to show off his green objects as well as his Texas teddy bear for Teddy Bear Day. I can't wait to hear all about his special day when he gets home!

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