Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Boys... BIG Toys

Jaxon and I got a call from Uncle Tony Thursday night telling us that we needed to come and see what he had at his house! He was all excited because he was in the process of digging a BIG hole to bury some of the junk around his place. W/out hesitation, we rushed right over to see this BIG piece of equipment he was using to dig the hole! But when we got down the road to the dairy, we were sidetracked by yet another digger! We stopped to take a few pictures w/ what I thought Uncle Tony must have been talking about, wondering the entire time why he had brought the digger back to the dairy if he was using it at his place! Jaxon was really intent on finding this hole in the ground and kept insisting that we go to Tony's because the hole had to be there!It was starting to get dark and I was ready to go back home when Jaxon noticed Grandpa heading up the road in the tractor. He knew where Grandpa was headed and continued insisting on getting over to Tony's to find that hole! "Mom, if we go to Tony's, you can see Alivia!" So now my own child is bribing me! I told Jaxon we would go over there, but if there was no hole we needed to get home! Before we left I told him to jump up on one of the tracks, open the door, get inside and I'd take one last picture of him "driving" the digger... the door was locked! This was very unusual! When we got over to Uncle Tony's, there was the hole and another digger! (The digger at the dairy belonged to someone else, hence the locked door!) I'm not too sure who was more excited about this BIG toy... Jaxon or Uncle Tony! I wanted to take a few pictures but it was too dark and I was concerned that if I took my eyes off Jaxon for too long he'd be in the hole! I promised him that we'd go back over sometime this week during the day so he could investigate this hole a little further. If I know him, he'll insist on going today, so maybe I'll get some pictures of Uncle Tony's BIG hole yet!

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