Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesdays w/ Mommy

Next week our routine will go back to normal but this week's Tuesday was an extra special Tuesday, because Jaxon had PreSchool. He was very much ready to go back after having a few days off over the weekend. He kept asking if he was ever going back and I was beginning to feel the same way!
It was also a special Tuesday because it was Library Day. Jaxon wasn't real excited about taking his books back but once I explained to him that he'd get to pick out more, he decided that'd be OK! Since the upcoming theme at PreSchool is all about farms, we went in search of some farm related reads.
One of my favorite books growing up was, Charlotte's Web by: E. B. White. I look forward to the day when I can sit and read that story to my kids but since Jaxon's attention span isn't quite there yet, we found the next best thing...

Wilbur's Adventure is a Charlotte's Web picture book for the younger reading crowd. It's a really cute story about the adventures Wilbur has before meeting Charlotte.
Farm books are pretty easy to find, we ended up bringing home 7 books this time. We of course couldn't leave w/out picking out a book w/ John Deere tractors. John Deere's All Around the Farm is jam packed with colorful pictures and incredible facts from the field to the farmhouse. Plus, it has an entire chapter dedicated to Dairy farms, which we a partial too obviously!
We sat and flipped through each chapter last night w/ Daddy. I think he was pretty surprised at all of the knowledge Jaxon has already obtained from just being around the farm. Kent had never even seen a combine until after we met and Jaxon could name each header attachment that was used for different crops!
Jaxon's first field trip at PreSchool will be to a Dairy farm, luckily it won't be Grandpa's farm, he'd probably not want to go back w/ the class when it was time to leave! They begin their farm theme on Monday and their field trip will take place next Thursday.
As for our at-home field trip, I am still working on that! It's hard to know where to go when you are surrounded by farming. We will kick things off this afternoon, (if it doesn't rain), with a birthday party for our favorite Holstein, Crutch! He is turning 1 year old today! And if you're reading this, you are probably thinking I'm crazy... just wait till you read that post!

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