Friday, November 12, 2010

Missing the Chaos

Jax & Max - at hospital day after Max was born

And the Adventure continues... in more ways then I have time to share unfortunately!
Baby Brother Maddox is 4 weeks old today. He is growing fast and while that is what's supposed to happen, I find myself weepy at the idea that this precious infant stage is going by so quickly! He has been showing off some sleepy smiles over the last few days, spending more and more time awake checking out his surroundings and getting to go lots of new places! He got to experience a family trip to Wal-Mart this weekend that was less than enjoyable but usually is when it comes to shopping at Wally World! He slept through his first church service on Sunday and met the ladies at the bank & post office last week. Other than that, life has been pretty simple at home for him... he eats when he wants, gets his diaper changed often & sleeps whenever he pleases. Ahhhhhh, to be a baby!

Big Brother Jaxon is adjusting... and boy, oh boy, has it been an adjustment! He's having a terrible time adjusting to not only getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it, but also adjusting to the idea that Summer is no longer here and Winter is right around the corner! Brushing teeth, taking medicine, putting on outside clothes and not answering the phone when he's told not to, have been more trouble than I'd like to admit these days! To sum it all up, his listening skills have been lacking here at home and Daddy & I are having trouble adjusting to that!!!
There are lots of positives that have been taking place over the past month though too! Jaxon couldn't love Maddox more! We now have conversations w/ Max instead of the rubbery friends, I play the part of Max and Jaxon of course plays himself! Just this morning, they were talking all about what Jaxon does at school and what Maddox & Mommy do while he is away. Jaxon is very gentle with him and asks to hold him often. He loves showing him off to anyone and everyone and begged last week to take him in when I dropped him off at school... he was really excited to show his school friends his little brother for the first time!
Life is hectic but good! I have two very healthy & happy (most of the time) little boys, who could ask for more?! And while I wish I had more hours in the day to blog, clean, cook and bathe I take comfort in knowing that I will have time again one of these days for all of those things and will be weepy at the idea of missing the chaos!
Jax & Max - Halloween night
Jax & Max - 1st big boy bath

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