Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who's Who?!

Can you guess who's who?!
On Sunday we celebrated Maddox's baptism, (almost 4 years to the day that we celebrated Jaxon's). They both wore a little white suit which fit Max a little better than Jax and a handmade white sweater made by my Grandma who passed earlier this year. The blanket they are lying on was also made by Grandma... it's the only time either one has or will use that blankie or sweater again! My plan is to pass the outfit & socks and the sweater & blanket on to their boys to wear someday at their baptisms...
that is as long as their wives are OK w/ it!

Could you figure out who's who above?! Jaxon's on the left and Maddox on the right. Max is starting to look more and more like Jax everyday, although I think Max may look a little more like Daddy while Jaxon looks more like Mommy.

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