Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Welchs

I hope everyone had a very, merry Christmas! We had a wonderful time at the Welch house celebrating w/ family & friends. We started our weekend off w/ Jaxon's Christmas program at church... his first one! Here are the boys ready for church looking so grown up in their Christmas outfits! I posted a link below to our YouTube page so you could check the program out for yourselves... it's worth a watch!

After church we rushed home for supper w/ Grandpa & Grandma, Uncle Micah & Aunt Sam. Jaxon had no interest in food, he was much too excited about opening presents. Here he is showing Max the present he picked out for him... Max seemed pretty excited about his gift which made Jaxon's day!Christmas morning we woke up to another batch of presents, this time from Santa! Here are the boys getting ready to open their gifts. Santa brought them a sled this year. Jaxon's first words at the sight of the Santa loot was, "Look, Santa brought us a boat!"Daddy and I waited to open our gifts from the boys till after the Santa gifts had all been opened. This year Jaxon gave Daddy a very special gift that he made at PreSchool. He was so excited for Daddy to open his gift! The best gifts are handmade w/ love... the proof is in this snowman ornament to Daddy from Jaxon! PRICELESS!!!Christmas day at noon, we headed over to Grandpa & Grandma Meier's for our family Christmas w/ my brothers and sister. Here are the boys w/ Grandpa & Grandma and cousin Alivia. This bunch is going to be trouble in a few years!
We are so blessed to be surrounded by a great group of family and friends. I hope everyone received the gift of just that this holiday season!

Don't forget to check out Jaxon's program below!

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