Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 - A Year of "Firsts"

Everywhere you look, people are reviewing the year in photos. News channels, ESPN, newspapers, Yahoo... if it's media related, you can bet there are photos to review. 2010 was a year of "firsts" for my family! I thought it'd be fun to go back through my pictures and pick out 10 of my favorite "firsts" caught on film.

Our first "first" of the year had to be from Januray 7th. It was a miserably cold day, Kent was home from work and we witnessed something that day that none of us had ever seen! I was putting away laundry, angry at my hubby for sitting on the couch, when he came in our bedroom and said, "You have to look out the window!" As angry as I was, I took a minute to peek out our bathroom window and there it was, a Sun Dog! It was amazing! I have never seen anything like! It was so amazing in fact, that I devoted an entire post to the blog about it! (Check out my January posts to see pictures!)
And like any good mother, I bundled up Jaxon and headed out to show him the sight! Temps were well below freezing but I wanted him to see this... after all, he may never see something like this again! So here he is, facing the elements to see for himself the beauty that is a Sun Dog!

Our second "first" came in April at the birth of my niece, Alivia! Jaxon had never held a baby and we knew already at that time, that he was going to need lots of practice! So here he is, holding a baby, (cousin Alivia) for the first time!
As I mentioned before, we knew all that practice would come in handy because we were expecting little Maddox! Jaxon was with me the "first" time we got to see pictures of him! Here is Jaxon posing with out "first" baby picture of his baby brother!

In June, we took our "first" family vacation. We traveled to Texas for a week to visit Kent's family for his sister's graduation from high school. Here is Jaxon sitting on top of a Longhorn for the "first" time. I have a feeling this won't be the last time... we had a hard time getting him off that animal! He's already asked several times if we can do that again!

Later that month we found out that "Baby" was indeed a "brother"! Jaxon was so excited to learn that his "first" sibling, would be a boy!
The "first" pictured below, came in July when Jaxon showed a calf at the fair! This is the picture that made the front page of our local paper a week later, another "first"! This was such an exciting first for all of us that Daddy has decided to use his week of vacation in 2011, on the week of the fair!"

Jaxon's "first" day of PreSchool finally came in August. We had been anticipating this moment for months! Jaxon has enjoyed school so much and we all look forward to what's to come
in 2011!

On October 18th, Jaxon became a big brother for the "first" time! Maddox and Jaxon spent an entire day together at the hospital w/ Mommy & Daddy getting to know one another on
the 19th. This picture, along w/ many others, was taken that day!

Jaxon participated in his "first" Christmas program this year. Growing up my siblings and I all got to be a part of the program. Our family has had someone in the program for over 24 years now, that's a long time! I look forward to the day when both my boys can participate!
My final picture (in this review), had to be from Maddox's "first" Christmas! There's something so special about a baby's first Christmas whether they remember it or not!

This will be my final post for the year and what a year it's been! As we get ready for the next chapter in our lives... I can't help but wonder what Adventures Motherhood has in store for me in 2011! Happy New Year!

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GREAT post!!! What a wonderful year your family had!!!