Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Magic

Jaxon - "Mommy, did you know that Jesus & Santa are friends?"

Awww, the "Christmas questions"... this year it's more like the "Christmas statements"! Jaxon's been really curious about how Santa gets down our chimney and what happens when people have fires going in their fireplaces. He's also really concerned about his friends who don't have fireplaces at their houses! "How does he get in?" We've been explaining that like Harry Potter, Santa knows magic... works like a charm! Here's a bit of a conversation we had yesterday regarding Christmas!

Jaxon - "Does Santa bring you presents Mom?"
Me - "No, he just brings presents for you & Max."
Jaxon - "Who brings you presents?"
Me - "Grandma gets presents for Mommy."
Jaxon - "Oh, well you better be good, Grandma's watching!"

Me - "You're right!"
Jaxon - "Mom?"
Me- "Yes, Jaxon."
Jaxon - "Is Grandma your Mom?"
Me - "Yes."
Jaxon - "Oh. She's my Mom too."
Me - "No... Mommy's your Mom."
Jaxon - "But Grandma's my Mom too!"
Me - "OK... if you say so!"

Arguing w/ a 4 year old is pointless! The running joke at our house is that Jaxon is destined to one day become a lawyer... after all, he argues better than anyone else we know!!!

This conversation went on and on and finally ended w/ a bedtime story and Jaxon falling asleep. Last year my Mom gave Jaxon a book that has her voice recorded reading a story to him. The story is, "The Night Before Christmas", and I thought since we are about a week away, that'd be appropriate to read before bed. Jaxon was really quiet when I opened the book. He listened very intently. When the story had finished he looked at me and said, "Mom? How did Grandma get in this book?" My response... "Grandma's kinda like Harry Potter too!"

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